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  1. Today's Photo: The Wind Comb sculptures, San Sebastian

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    Today's Photo: The Wind Comb sculptures, San Sebastian


    Today’s Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com shows the Wind Comb sculptures at the foot of Monte Igueldo in San Sebastian, Spain.

    Download our free San Sebastian pocket guide to find out more about the city’s top attractions including its beautiful beaches, aquarium and numerous museums. This guide also includes tips on things you can do for free here in San Sebastian, such as checking out the Peine De Los Vientos or the Wind Comb sculptures pictured here.

    Listen to our San Sebastian podcast to find out more about ‘pintxos’, a local culinary speciality. In the podcast, you’ll find out some of the best places to try ‘pintxos’, what to drink with them, and plenty more.

    To learn how to get around San Sebastian and more, have a look at our San Sebastian city guide. If you’ve looking to book accommodation in San Sebastian, check out our selection of hostels in San Sebastian.

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