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  1. Today’s Photo: The Stratosphere, Las Vegas

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    Today’s Photo: The Stratosphere, Las Vegas


    Today’s Photo of the Day on Hostelworld.com shows the towering Stratosphere in Las Vegas, USA.

    Las Vegas is famous for its large number of wedding chapels. In our Las Vegas podcast, ‘The Wedding Chapel Crawl’, we take you on a trip to six different wedding chapels along Las Vegas Boulevard. We’ve also got a Las Vegas video for you to enjoy, featuring none other than the King himself!

    To find out more about some of the top attractions, bars and restaurants, download our free Las Vegas pocket guide. This guide also includes information on some of the great things you can do for free in Sin City. You’ll find more information about getting to and around Vegas, plus lots more in our Las Vegas city guide page.

    If you’re looking to book accommodation in Las Vegas, make sure to check out our great selection of hostels in Las Vegas.
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