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  1. Top 5 alternative tours in the UK

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    Top 5 alternative tours in the UK


    To celebrate our partnership with VisitBritain we've asked one of their Super Bloggers Alex Gladwell for his recommendations for some alternative tours around the UK. To keep up to date with all things great about Britain make sure to follow VisitBritain on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. Oh...and make sure to check out their 'Love Wall' also - you really will love it.

    When you’ve ticked off the more familiar sights on your itinerary and taken the obligatory bus tour, why not try something a little different? Check out our top five alternative tours for inspiration.

    Spirit Collection Tours, Natural History Museum, London

    London’s Natural History Museum is famous for its life-sized model of a blue whale, an earthquake simulator and more dinosaurs than Jurassic Park. Less known are the countless specimens carefully catalogued behind the scenes. Book a tour to see the 27 kilometres of shelves seething with specimens collected by Darwin, scientific rarities and creatures including a giant squid called Archie.

    Insider London Tours, London

    If you think you’ve seen everything London has to offer, think again. Insider London offer quirky tours uncovering some of the capital’s more unusual corners. Take the Street Art Tour to see graffiti masterpieces by Banksy et al, explore the history of the world’s oldest underground on the London Underground Tour or learn all manner of amazing trivia on the Quirky London Tour.

    Sewer Tour, Brighton

    Brighton’s sewers are a Victorian engineering marvel built to cope with the town’s increasing waste as its population exploded in the 19th century. Bring sensible clothes and a sure footing as you venture underground to explore the extraordinary workings of the world beneath your feet.

    Historic Toilet Tour, York

    See the parts of York that others miss with York Walk, a team of knowledgeable locals that run entertaining tours round this beautiful historic city. One of their most entertaining walks is the Historic Toilet Tour, a jaunt through the pungent history of the public toilet. Learn about Viking toilets, Roman conveniences and try out a medieval garderobe. If you’d rather a less specialist tour, York Walk also lead general interest and history tours.

    The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

    Deep below Edinburgh’s historic Old Town is a warren of underground ‘closes’, narrow streets once home to people between the 16th and 19th centuries. Sealed off and forgotten for years the Real May King’s Close is now a fascinating attraction that’s a fine mix of history and hair-raising horror.

    Planning a trip to Great Britain? See the top destinations, read country guides and more in our Great Britain page. To keep up to date with everything at VisitBritain make sure to follow VisitBritain on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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