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  1. Top attractions in Chicago – The Willis Tower

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    Top attractions in Chicago – The Willis Tower


    Today I wasn’t only on top of Chicago’s tallest building, but also North America’s tallest building. That, my friends, is The Willis Tower, formerly known as The Sears Tower. It is one of the top attractions in Chicago and it climbs 1,450 feet into the sky. The place where me and you can go is called Skydeck Chicago and is 100 feet below the top.

    On a clear day you can see four states there. It was pretty clear up there but not that clear unfortunately. Still, the view is amazing. If you’re coming to Chicago don’t leave without going there.

    The newest attraction at Skydeck Chicago, and one which isn’t for one who doesn’t like heights, is ‘The Ledge’. This is a ledge made out of 1.5-inches of thick piece of plastic glass that juts out over the city. So when you stand on it, it’s almost like you’re floating over the city, only at 1,350 feet. It’s a bit off putting first of all, but you soon get used to it.

    After visiting the John Hancock Centre in Boston, and both the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building in New York City, I can safely say that I’ve never experienced anything like what I on ‘The Ledge’ at Skydeck Chicago earlier today. Don’t miss it.

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