Top Bars in Madrid – Your Favourite Madrid Bars

Top Bars in Madrid – Your Favourite Madrid Bars

The Spanish capital is a hugely popular tourist destination during the summer. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Madrid, then expect the heat to encourage you into one of its many bars. We asked you about some of your favourite Madrid bars over at our Facebook page and here’s what you told us.

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El Tigre

Melissa Ris says:

El Tigre, for sure! The beer and wine taste good and aren’t expensive, and there’s always a good crowd and great atmosphere. Make sure you bring friends, to help eat all the delicious (complimentary!) tapas they give you with each round of drinks.

Maria Elisa Hernández Marín says:

El Tigre, in calle de las infantas Guilherme Couto says: El Tigre!!!

Yazmin Martinez says:

& of course when you want free tapas EL TIGRE says:

El Tigre offers a decent selection of cheeses, meats and beers at excellent prices. Thick crowds gather around the bar so that those within might try out its inexpensive tapas. For around €1.50 you can order a drink that includes a complimentary plate of tapas. Excellent value.

Location: Calle de las Infantas, 30

Opening hours: Daily from 2.30pm-2.30am


Naya Serrano says:

The best bar in Madrid is Docamar you can find there “patatas bravas” in town. says:

Docamar prides itself on its special tapas called patatas bravas. These are a type of spicy potato and are very popular among Docamar’s locals. Be sure to combat the spices with a cool drink while you’re there. Tapas are of course not the only items on the menu, and are accompanied by a colourful selection of other foods including tripe, snails, octopus, omelette and mussels.

Location: Alcalá, 337


Juanma Cortés says:

Costello! says:

Costello is a café and night club as well as a bar. As such, it offers a diverse selection of music and its DJs can take care of your night time dancing requirements. Come also for its live music performances at night which help in generating that special and unique clubbing experience. If drinking and dancing is your thing, be sure to visit Costello.

Location: Caballero de Gracia

Casa Labra

Maria Elisa Hernández Marín says:

And of course “Casa Labra,” close to the Corte Ingles of Puerta del Sol, where you can try the best fried cod of Madrid and where the socialist party was founded says:

With a bar that is 150 years old, Casa Labra is a great place to stop by and have a drink if cultural history peaks your interest-the Spanish Socialist Party was founded here around 1880 so the bar doubles as a worthy tourist attraction. It also has a restaurant that offers renowned bacalhau fritters and fried bacalhau (bacalhau is the Portugese word for cod).

Location: Tetuán, 12


Esmeralda Gibaja says:

Oldenburg! There’re more than 250 different types of beer says:

This small bar specialises in Belgian beer and has a truly impressive collection. When in Madrid, look no further than Oldenburg for a comprehensive arsenal of bottles of Belgium’s finest. If you’re feeling peckish you can also order a lunch or dinner to wash down with your drink.

Location: Alburquerque, 13

Opening hours: Lunch: 1pm-4pm Dinner: 6:30pm-midnight

Casa Julio

Eleanor Smith says:

Casa Julio 🙂 Frequented by U2! says:

Tourists certainly love celebrity allure, and Casa Julio has it. One night in 2003, Irish band U2 was on a shoot in the locality and chose Casa Julio as a shot location. Bono loved its delicious croquettes and it is now fondly dubbed the “U2 Tavern” by locals. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and try one of the croquettes yourself with a glass of wine.

Location: Calle Madera, no. 37, Malasaña


Hadass Wade says:

Nasti says:

Pop into Madrid’s Nasti club at the weekend for a chance to enjoy some loud music and the intense dancing experience it offers. Have a drink while bobbing to synth pop, electroclash and disco-punk. If you want to party late, the club is open into the early hours so the night ends whenever you want it to end. Drink and dance until the sun rises at Club Nasti.

Location: San Vicente Ferrer, 33


Christiaan Klein Lebbink says:

Naturbier on Plaza Santa Ana… they brew their own beer and it tastes excellent 🙂 Don’t forget to order some tapas on the side… says:

Naturbier is a good place to stop for a drink and a bite to eat. Have a frosty glass of one of its Germanic beers at the bar, or decide to venture to the dining area at the rear of the building. Don’t forget to check out its patatas bravas and delicious goat cheese if you’re feeling hungry.

Location: Plaza Santa Ana, 9

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11:30am-2pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm

Cueva Sesamo

Yazmin Martinez says:

CUEVA SESAMO best sangria bar in Madrid @ metro Sevilla….amazing & only 10 eur/ jarra…very traditional, old Spain, the whole ambiance is underground, so look up where it’s at; otherwise you won’t find it 😉 says:

At the risk of being unable to find a seat, come to this fantastic underground sangria bar a little early where possible. It is a little difficult to locate, but if you can (it is close to Plaza Santa Ana next to a tourist shop) you’ll be glad you did. The atmosphere is traditionally Spanish with vibrant red tablecloths draped on each table and a beautiful checkered floor. Paintings and quotes adorn the walls. Enjoy a jarra of sangria for only ten euro while listening to a live piano performance. Don’t miss out on this great bar.

Location: Calle Principe 7

Opening hours: 7pm-2am/3.30am

And many more…

Virginia Artus Sanchez says:

para comer y beber mucho mucho y por poco poco dinero de los mejores “El merida” o “la ría”, uno al lado del otro, en la calle murcia (perpendicular al paseo de las delicias) en el metro de palos de la frontera. o un bar chiquitin y un poco sucio que tambien se come muy bien justo a la salida del metro o noviciado, o el museo del jamón, o los toledanos, o el 100 montaditos, o…. puf hay demasiados es madrid! y si os gustan los mejicanos recomiendo EL COLORADO en plaza españa en la calle Martin de los Heros al lado de los cines Renoir!! cervezas de importación y uno de los mejores cocteleros de tooodo madrid 😉

Kristy Revell says:

The vermouth bar in mallasandra!!

Daniela Sanhueza Leighton says:

Bares El Respiro y El tigre en Chueca (tapas), La potente en La latina, Bar&co en Tribunal…

Trilce Velasquez says:

La malquerida en Pza España

Lourdes Vm says:

Areia Colonial! Calle Hortaleza 🙂

Kri Gemellina says:

Sidi…en Placa San Ildefonso…?

Leonardo Ribeiro says:

Museo del Jámon, It’s a very good idea to local food!!

Wandalupe Real says:

Mercado San Miguel!

If you’re visiting the Spanish capital, hopefully these suggestions will come in handy on nights out in Madrid. We hope you make good use of the tips and advice above to maximise your bar-hopping fun when in Spain.

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