Top Kuala Lumpur Tips – Your Insider Tips for Kuala Lumpur

Top Kuala Lumpur Tips – Your Insider Tips for Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of South East Asia’s most exhilirating cities, and gateway to the rest of Malaysia. We asked you for your ‘top insider tips’ on our facebook page. Here’s what you had to say…

You can now go to the top of the Petronas Towers

Simon Collier says:

If you want to go to the Petronas Towers’ ‘Skybridge’ make sure you are in the basement ticket office no later than 7am to get your free tickets. Oh, and they close earlier during Ramadan.

Mark Horan says:

My tip is now you can go to the top of the Petronas Towers 🙂 Only problem is they only allow 60 up to the top every day, but if u get to the desk after queuing and all the 60 places are taken ask for tickets for the following day. They don’t tell you that you can do this but we did it! It was great to get to the top great views. You also get to go on the bridge. It all costs €9 approx so great value. says:

While you used to be only able to visit the Skybridge which is a bridge connecting both towers half way up the buildings, you can now go to the very top of Tower 2. The only problem is the fee – a visit to the Skybridge used to be free but costs RM3 (US$1/€0.70/£0.60 approx). Also, according to the official website of the Petronas Towers, the next type of ticket available costs RM350 (US$110/€80 approx) which is a premium ticket that includes dinner at the top.

Be careful of monkeys at the ‘Batu Caves’

Juraj Sasko says:

When you decide to see the Batu Caves (around 50 min by bus from KL), be careful with the monkeys there. They can be pretty dangerous. Hide all bottles and cameras, otherwise they might steal it from you or even worse, attack you! says:

Juraj is right – the monekys along the steps leading up to the Batu Caves can indeed be very agressive. Be careful of them.

Be wary when getting taxis

Jasmine Ong says:

Try to avoid cabs from anywhere within the city. Most of the time they aren’t metered and charge exorbitantly. Get one from your hotel/airport/shopping malls concierge/ask a local to call one for you.

Abiddin Ibrahim says:

Don’t take a cab in KL if you a budget traveller, they will squeeze you dry. The best bet is public transport. Not the best in the world sorry to say, but it gets you there.

Kathy Briggs says:

Cabs: I always insist on the meter. Anytime I was quoted RM15, the same journey then cost MR 6-10 on a meter- even in the rush hour.

Orlando Jesus Marin Artavia says:

Be clear about the place you are going and be sure you have the right address. I once had the taxi driver driving me for an hour around the same area and not finding the place I wanted to go.

Karthik Shanmugam says:

There is no requirement of a cab. Just be armed with a good map and a rail card if you’re a tourist. Every place is accessible on foot.

Stephen Burrows II says:

Always negotiate your fare before leaving. Sometimes the meter cabs can sting you if you are stuck in traffic. says:

Unfortunately taxi drivers are known to con tourists in KL. Always insist on the meter.

Chinatown – yay or nay?

Jasmine Ong says:

Tourist traps include Chinatown and the hawkers at the stalls on Jalan Petaling. Knock down at least 50%-70% of the opening price before buying anything from there.

Orlando Jesus Marin Artavia says:

Chinatown is usually the best place to stay in town as it is very central.

Jaroslav Píšek says:

In my opinion it’s better to stay close to KL Sentral than in Chinatown. It’s great for public transport Chinatown is just 1 station (3 min) far away. says:

Both Chinatown and Sentral are great locations. And when shopping in Chinatown, make sure to haggle, haggle, haggle…

Take advantage of free WiFi

Jasmine Ong says:

Well known chains such as Starbucks and McDonald’s offers free unlimited WiFi if you make a purchase. says:

While both these omnipresent chains may offer free WiFi, it might not be unlimited, so don’t be surprised if you’re kicked off two hours into your session..

Avoid land travel on Friday afternoons

Jasmine Ong says:

Avoid 12-2pm on Fridays if you’re taking land transport. It’s Muslim prayers day and there’s normally massive jams around the city.

Invest in a ‘Touch N Go’ card

Jasmine Ong says:

Get a Touch n Go card which functions as a prepaid travel card. It provides you with unlimited travel on Rapid KL buses, LRT (Light Rail Transit) and MRT (Mass Rapid Trains). It’s pretty connected unless you want to travel further out. Ask for a special tourist edition at KL Central or LRT stops.

Amey Abhyankar says:

‘Touch N Go’ cards no longer work on Rapid KL buses. So keep a note of that if you are a return international tourist. says:

For the most up to date information on KL’s Touch N Go card visit their website.

Be careful walking through Bukit Nanas Rainforest

James Eckels says:

One guide book suggests walking back to the city through the little rainforest from Menara KL. When I got to the bottom, a large sign warned: Do not enter – watch for cobras and scorpions! says:

Be extremely careful if you decide to walk through this city centre rainforest.

Go for a drink in ‘Skybar’ at the Trader’s Hotel

Gäbriel Rotinhell says:

Visit the SkyBar at night. Enjoy a drink overlooking the brightly lit Twin (Petronas) Towers (world’s tallest).

Pras Murukesvan says:

Agree on the Skybar at the Traders Hotel as one of the best view spots at night says:

These guys are right – the view from here at night is unforgettable. But make sure to don your best clothes if you decide to go for a cocktail there.

KL Tower has the best view

Pras Murukesvan says:

During the day, go to the KL Tower for unnrivaled views of KL – even better than the Petronas Towers

KL is hot

Ronel Marais says:

KL is hot!! Very very hot…lowest recorded temperature ever was 18°C. So don’t pack jeans.

Azhari Wahab says:

Got to agree KL is very hot, so pack less. You can always wash and dry it up within hours. But careful on the seasonal rain storm especially at the end of the year.

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