Top London Tips – Your Unmissable Highlights of London

Top London Tips – Your Unmissable Highlights of London

Enchanting, beautiful, chaotic, enormous, historic, exciting, fun…there’s a lot of ways to describe London. But if you’re going to visit this capital city, what are the must-see sights and sounds?

We asked you over on our Facebook page for your top tips on what is unmissable in London. Here’s what you told us…

See what all the fuss is about in Camden Town

2_pUBUXMzRichii Von Rock says:


Marie Drisch says:

Of course, the magical and unique Camden Town.

David Kmetz says:

Camden Town!

Rohidas Gaonkar says:

Camden Town.

Patricia Fuentes says:

Camden Town and the British Museum, they’re awsome!

Courtz Barnes says:

Camden pub crawl! Get on it.

Josipa Vešligaj says:


?????? ????? says:

Camden Town, definitely!

Yasmin Dursun says:

The Barfly, Camden!

Maria Johansson says:

Camden at night; forget the market.

Sahika Cetin Ozkan says:

Camden Town.


Marvel at St Paul’s Cathedral

Jolene Garber says:

St. Paul’s was my favorite part of London. It’s a beautiful cathedral and of course it’s great to sit on the steps and pretend you’re feeding the birds in Mary Poppins!

Jean Metauten says:

Climbing the 500+ steps at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Unbeatable views!

Sophie Moursellas says:

St Paul’s Cathedral – so beautiful.


Take a walk around the different neighbourhoods

Lis Sar says:3_eniOUOX

Covent Garden.

TravelReflex says:

Shoreditch and Brick Lane: great shopping, great bars, great restaurants; all of those breing trendy, young and fresh. Also because Camden Town, for example, became far too busy and touristy…

Maret Kekki says:

The view from Primrose Hill over London…and it’s free!

Sandra Waldman says:

Window shopping at Harrods…can’t afford to actually buy there!

Mabel Amorim says:

Covent Garden.

Roisin MacNeil Trainor says:

The Southbank! Particularly Pieminister if you’re foreign!

Anggin Anesthesya says:

Notting Hill.


Catch a bit of West End theatre

Chris Power says:

Going to the theatre.

Hannah King says:

Seeing the West End production of Les Miserables with Geronimo Rauch! The best musical I have seen on stage.

Ye?im Salman says:

Phantom of the Opera!

Ashley J. Woods says:

Student rush a West End show! Arrive 10 minutes before the box office opens to get in line and you’re pretty much guaranteed a discounted rush ticket. I’ve sat front row for only 10 pounds thanks to rush. I’d recommend Merrily We Roll Along for 10 pounds, or War Horse for 25 pounds.


Discover London via the Thames River

4_chY6MTLMichael Krimus says:

Definitely don’t miss the Thames River.

Michelle Sultana says:

A stroll between London Bridge and Tower Bridge in the evening.

Mabel Gherman says:

I liked the White Tower which marks the start of the Tower of London’s history as both a palace and a fortress. Beautiful buildings in front of the Tower Bridge.

Kristina Finley says:

My favorite ‘tourist’ thing to see was the Tower of London…our beefeater guide was soo much fun!

Kathy Briggs says:

Walking along The Thames Path – anywhere. Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Lucas De Aguiar Cavalcanti says:

A cruise on Thames River.

Matty Lech says:

Southwark. Walk along the Thames river, heaps of buskers and lots of attractions!


And for you metro fans…

David Kmetz says:5_PO7ZAj7

Riding the Tube and listening to ‘mind the gap, please’.



Experience shopping in the infamous markets

Siena Del Rio says:

Do not miss out on visiting Brick Lane on Sunday midday for some great vintage shopping and international food at the Up Sunday Market. Also, do not forget to visit Spitalfields Market, Pettiecoat Lane Market and Columbia Market on that same! It’s a must see for up-and-coming fashion trends, vintage and more!


Ride the doubledecker buses

6_CEI6AoGAsma’ Razak says:

The ride on doubledecker tour bus!

Hafiz Osman says:

Doubledecker bus.



Go for a walk in the park

Ximena Hidalgo says:

Hyde Park on Sunday.

Hugo Gonzalez says:

Hyde Park.

Marie Panier says:

A walk in Holland Park!


Discover the city with a walking tour

Christy Welk says:7_nWtsHuQ

Ghost walking tour, there’s one offered with one of the doubledecker tour bus companies.

Lisa R Bond says:

Jack the Ripper walking tour. An unexpected, surprisingly great tour with loads of the city’s history and a walk through back streets and haunted pubs you would otherwise miss!


Experience shopping in the infamous markets

Siena Del Rio says:

Do not miss out on visiting Brick Lane on Sunday midday for some great vintage shopping and international food at the Up Sunday Market. Also, do not forget to visit Spitalfields Market, Pettiecoat Lane Market and Columbia Market on that same! It’s a must see for up-and-coming fashion trends, vintage and more!


Take in the excellent (and mostly free) museums

8_gH2OsNQHugues Lavergne says:

Visit the museum. They are all free!

Anita Nappo says:

The Tate Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery!

Yvette Williams van Aggelen says:

Imperial War Museum.

Laurene O’Brien says:

Florence Nightingale museum!

Séverine Godet says:

The Saatchi Art Gallery.

Hilary Calderwood says:

National History Museum – not only is it free but it is, by far, the coolest and most interesting museum I’ve ever been to.

Mike Hubb says:

Natural History Museum, National Gallery.

Maria Castro says:

Wax Museum.

Aleksandra Mladenovic says:

The British Museum.

Ségolène Roche says:

The Tate Modern.

Donald Pereira says:

The Tate Modern. Most of it is free of charge!

Sahika Cetin Ozkan says:

The British Museum.

Osvaldo Frías says:

The British Museum. Can’t believe it’s free!


See the view from the London Eye

Lisa Leukel says:9_8DoTezq

London Eye.

Sascha Otto says:

London Eye.

Jakob Rosenbloom says:

London Eye.


Who can choose just one thing?! Do it all!

Shannon Patrick O’Connor says:

When in London, you have to see the Tower of London, the British Museum and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace…and I’d highly recommend a trip to Windsor Castle and take that tour!

Lucas De Aguiar Cavalcanti says:

Convent Garden, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, a cruise on Thames River and a nightclub.

Ute Jan says:

Walk along the northern river bank from Bank to Canary Wharf or take a boat to Greenwich. Don’t miss Borough Market on Fridays and Saturdays! And Camden Town, of course, should be top on your list. From there, take the boat to Little Venice. There are so many terrific things to do in London! Did I mention that you have a most wonderful view from the café at tate Modern? There’s also a balcony on the top floor behind the bookshop. Definitely worth going there!

Sammi Egan says:

Camden market, Covent Garden, Tower of London, free museums, Olympic Park, Sandemans free walking tour, Hamley’s, Harrods! Sorry, couldn’t add just one!

Tali Segal says:

Wow. Too much from which to choose. A long escalator on the Tube; changing of the guard at any of the locations where it is done; a West End show; a walk through Harrods. Yikes! So much more!


Watch the world go by

10_PO7ZAj7Astghik Hovsepyan says:

Piccadilly Circus, surely.

H?u Tr??ng says:

A cup of coffee in Trafalgar Square.

And that’s not all… You can find even more great tips from our Facebook fans here and here. Hopefully these top tips will help you make to most of your visit to London.
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