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  1. Top Montréal attraction – The Quays of the Old Port

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    Top Montréal attraction – The Quays of the Old Port


    The Quays of the Old Port are one of the places you should definitely include on your Montréal itinerary.

    Covering a long stretch beside the river, these quays and the surrounding area of Old Montréal are home to some of the city’s top attractions.

    There are the quays themselves, which you can wander along for great views of the river, green spaces, river cruises and more. Facing the quays you’ll find the Bonsecours Market, which looks quite like the Customs House in Dublin. This market is home to numerous boutiques selling everything from clothing to crafts.

    One of the coolest things I’ve seen so far here in Montréal has to be the interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica, which has nothing to do with Notre Dame in Paris. This huge church is home to an awesome collection of stained glass, and unlike other churches, the stained glass here shows scenes from Montréal’s history.

    The alter area is pretty stunning too, as is the effect created by all the different coloured candles flickering around the place. Don’t forget to look up at the back too, where a gigantic organ looks down at the interior. There are lots of people in there today, and a couple of guided tours going on as well.

    After checking out all these great attractions, I decided to hop on the metro again to have a look around another of Montréal’s great neighbourhoods, The Latin Quarter.

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