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  1. Top Paris Tips from Hostelworld.com users

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    Top Paris Tips from Hostelworld.com users


    You’ll find some great insider tips for Paris in our latest feature compiled using user comments over on our Hostelworld.com Facebook page. The feature, 'Top Paris Tips - Your Insider Tips for Paris', features tips from over 20 Hostelworld.com Facebook fans.

    These tips cover everything including how to get into some of the top museums for free, what are some of the coolest Parisian neighbourhoods, and where to get the best steak in the city. So, lots of great info to help make your trip to Paris even better!

    Thanks to all the people who suggested these great tips! Definitely deserving winners of a Hostelworld.com Gold Card worth $10.

    If you want to be in with the chance to win one of our Gold Cards then head on over to our Facebook page and comment on the latest question:

    What's your favourite restaurant in Berlin?

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