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  1. Top ten hostels worldwide in November 2012 - according to you

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    Each month we ask you, our customers, to rate the hostels you stay in. Then from these ratings and reviews we compile a list of the top ten hostels in the world. The results from last month's ratings are in so we can now reveal what are the top ten for November...

    1. Home Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

    Home Lisbon Hostel is a regular feature in our Top 10 lists, but is the front-runner for November having received top marks from your recent reviews. This hostel is often called a ‘home away from home’ due to its friendly staff, great atmosphere and not forgetting ‘Mama’s dinners’! Well done to Home Lisbon Hostel and keep up the good work.

    2. Hostel One Paralelo, Barcelona, Spain
    3. Yes! Porto Hostel, Porto, Portugal
    4. Travellers House, Lisbon, Portugal
    5. Ostello Bello, Milan, Italy
    6. Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge, Marrakech
    7. Yes! Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal
    8. Vagabonds, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    9. Sant Jordi Alberg, Barcelona, Spain
    10. Lisbon Destination Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

    What's your favourite hostel?

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