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  1. Top Toronto attractions – Ontario Science Centre

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Top Toronto attractions – Ontario Science Centre


    One of the things I wanted to check out on my last day here in Toronto was the Ontario Science Centre because I’d heard great things about the exhibits. I am so glad I made the trip out to visit because it really was one of the highlights of my stay.

    To get there, I took the Bloor Danforth subway line (that’s the green one) as far as Pape, then right outside the station I hopped on Bus 25 and got off at the St. Dennis Drive stop which is right across from the Ontario Science Centre. All in all, the trip took between 40 minutes and was a cool way to see a little bit more of the city.

    Also, I once again made good use of one of the day passes you can get for the public transport system here. These day passes cost $10 and you can use them all day on any of the TTC modes of transport including streetcars, buses and the subway which is really handy.

    When I first arrived at the Science Centre I noticed that they also have an IMAX theatre and I was delighted when I realised they were showing a film about the Hubble telescope. The theatre itself was pretty impressive and what’s really cool is that as you wait to go in you can actually see into the projection room so you get to see the guy loading the film and getting everything ready to go.

    In terms of exhibits, they’ve got a serious amount of interactive stuff going on across the various levels of the centre. This includes everything from having a go at making your own stop motion film to trying to make a little astronaut doll weightless. All these interactive elements make what are already very informative exhibits even more enjoyable.

    Then there’s the temporary exhibitions, and today I was lucky enough to get to see Mythic Creatures, including the Giant Squid who you can see a little bit of here. This exhibit was so much fun and covered everything from mermaids to Big Foot.

    In the morning I leave Clarence Castle here in Toronto for Niagara Falls. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada tomorrow but I’m sure there’ll still be plenty going on when I arrive.

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