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  1. Top Toronto attractions – The CN Tower

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Top Toronto attractions – The CN Tower


    One of my first stops this morning was Toronto’s impressive CN Tower, which is currently the world’s tallest freestanding tower with a staggering height of over 553 metres.

    When I arrived, I met with Irene Knight who told me about the various lookout areas up in the Tower. Irene then led me towards the elevator which took us up to the Look Out level. The lifts are pretty special on their own, as many of them now have glass panels in the floor so you can see the ground whooshing away as you speed up to the top.

    The Look Out level is some 346 metres above the ground and the views you get from here are incredible. On a completely clear day you can see up to 160 kilometres away. I found it was a really cool way to orient myself within the city, plus the views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands were just breathtaking.

    Then it was down one level to the Glass Floor where a section of the floor is made up of glass panels which are perfectly safe to walk on and offer a dizzying view all the way down to the ground below. I went for a little stroll across a couple of these panels and felt pretty proud of myself afterwards.

    Our final stop was the Sky Pod, which is located another 33 storeys up the Tower. That’s where I took this picture which shows the Tower’s imposing shadow. I was making liberal usage of my zoom feature though so it doesn’t give a proper picture of just how high up we actually were.

    After that, Irene recorded a podcast with me about the Tower, its history and what else you can do here after you’ve checked out the various observation levels. You’ll be able to listen to it soon when it goes live.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my trip up the CN Tower. The views are spectacular and I’m not surprised this particular attraction sees in excess of 1.5 million visitors each and every year.

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