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  1. Top Toronto neighbourhood – The Beach

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Top Toronto neighbourhood – The Beach


    If you head to Toronto you’ll soon learn that it’s a city of neighbourhoods, from Greektown to Yorkville and many more besides. One area you should really try to check out during your stay is simply called The Beach.

    To get there I hopped on one of Toronto’s many street cars. It took me all the way along Queen Street from west to east. It was a pretty cool trip to take as the route stretches all the way along this lengthy street and it brought me by many of Toronto’s iconic buildings including the city hall. It was also really interesting to see the differences in shops, restaurants and bars as the neighbourhoods changed.

    After about 30 minutes on the streetcar, and keep in mind this was during rush hour, I arrived at the Woodbine Avenue stop and just a couple of minutes walk from there I came across the beautiful beachfront.

    Lots of people were out there this evening enjoying the sunshine. There are plenty of activities to try out in this area and this evening I saw people cycling, rollerblading, strolling along the Boardwalk, boating and flying kites. A couple of people were even out in the water taking a dip.

    Strolling along the Boardwalk you get pretty amazing views of the beaches and if you stroll down to the water’s edge you’ll see right out across Lake Ontario like in this picture here.

    The neighbourhood also boasts numerous cafés and bars, and there’s a good selection of funky little stores too.

    So, if you’re in Toronto do try and check out this neighbourhood as it’s definitely worth a visit. Tomorrow I’m going to take a trip out to the Toronto Islands and then tomorrow night it’s hockey time.

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