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  1. Top Vancouver attractions – Museum of Vancouver

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Top Vancouver attractions – Museum of Vancouver


    I’m quite fond of a good museum and the Museum of Vancouver definitely fits that bill. Today, I went to the Museum to record a podcast interview but as we got there a bit ahead of schedule, we went to check out the exhibits first.

    The museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibits, dealing with both the history of Vancouver and current issues affecting the city. For example, one of the temporary exhibits going on there at the moment deals with local sustainable food and is really interesting.

    Amongst the permanent exhibits, you’ll see artefacts chronicling Vancouver’s history all the way up to the 70s. There are some pretty funky things in there, especially in the 50s Gallery, including the gleaming car and colourful neon signs pictured here.

    Once we’d finished exploring the galleries, I sat down with Genny Krikorian who’s the Marketing Coordinator at the Museum. Genny recorded the last of the three interviews which will feature in our ‘Only in Vancouver’ podcast.

    Unfortunately the Space Centre was closed today for some refurbishments but it’s going to re-open on Saturday. We’re definitely going back then to check it out.

    After that we headed back here to HI-Vancouver Central. We’re going to head out for some dinner soon, Thai food I believe, and then wander along Robson Street which is one of the city’s top shopping stretches.

    Tomorrow, I have one last Vancouver podcast to record, our ‘Vancouver – What not to miss’ podcast. We’re also going to check out Davie Street, Granville Island and lots of other good stuff which you’ll hear all about soon.

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