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  1. Top Vancouver attractions – Queen Elizabeth Park

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Top Vancouver attractions – Queen Elizabeth Park


    Take a short Sky Train ride from Downtown Vancouver and you’ll come across the vast Queen Elizabeth Park, which is a great spot to go it you want to get out of the city for a while.

    This is what we decided to do this morning even though it was raining quite a bit. When we first got to the park, we visited the Bloedel Conservatory which is home to a colourful collection of free flying parrots and a huge array of plants, flowers and cacti. It was pretty cool in there and the building itself is quite impressive.

    When we were done in there, we walked out to discover that even though the rain hadn’t stopped it wasn’t quite the downpour it had been earlier. So, with the help of my friend Vicki who kindly held my umbrella, I was able to get some video footage of the park. This park is actually higher than you might think and even in the not so great weather today the views of the city were very impressive.

    Around the park you’ll also come across a huge fountain, a duck pond, a rose garden and plenty more, making it a really great place for a stroll.

    From there it was back to the city centre where we checked out a couple of the city’s top neighbourhoods, Yaletown and Davie Village.

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