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  1. Touch down in Chicago

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    Touch down in Chicago


    I left Dublin yesterday for the sunnier climes of Chicago. It’s hot here – around 30˚C. It’s beautiful though – wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I’m staying in HI Chicago. Only got here yesterday and already loving it. It’s got free WiFi, is in a great location, and the staff are friendly. Have already picked up lots of tips from Zac who was on reception.

    I didn’t get into town until 6pm, meaning it was 7pm by the time I made it out on to the streets with my camera. First stop was Grant Park. It’s literally two minutes from the hostel. It’s got a famous fountain there called Buckingham Fountain, and there’s a great view of the skyline from there too.

    From there it was up to Navy Pier before heading to Portillo’s for a ‘Chicago-style’ hot dog. So what’s in that? Well, that deserves a blog post all on its own...

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