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  1. Touch down in Miami

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    Touch down in Miami


    I arrived in Miami last Tuesday, South Beach to be exact. I'm staying at Miami Beach International Hostel. I’d heard a lot of about this hostel in Miami. Two of my colleagues had stayed here and told me it was a great hostel. I was also told I’d remember the guys who run it, Jonathan and Barbara, from our hostel conference a couple of years ago. The minute I saw them I did.

    I love hostels like this – check out my room. It’s got a fridge in it, it’s spotlessly clean, and it has its own bathroom. Some would say it’s almost like a hotel. The room? Maybe. But the hostel itself – no. Staff here are an extremely friendly bunch and mix with the guests well, showing them what’s hot and what’s not in both South Beach and Miami.

    While the hostel really impressed me, the weather didn’t. Today it the rain was torrential when I arrived. And when it rains it can’t do a whole lot. Only things such as, um, update the blog.

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