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  1. Travel journalism – it has its advantages

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Travel journalism – it has its advantages


    I am now in the fourth city of this three week adventure to the USA – Orlando. This entire trip is pretty much planned around my visit to this city. I’m in town for the first Travel Blogger Show which is taking place on Sunday as part of the Travel Trade Show.

    Before that though, I’ll have some time to play. So, earlier this evening I took a trip to Universal Studios here in Orlando. I was here when I was younger and remembered that it would suit a 33-year-old male a bit more than Orlando’s other theme park which is home to one very famous mouse.

    Upon arrival I went to the entrance, explained that I was a travel journalist and asked if they do special deals for travel journalists. I was quickly referred to the ‘Guest Services’ desk. So I went to the desk, gave them my business card, and explained that if I visited I’d write about it and give them a bit of exposure. They duly agreed and gave me a ticket which I’ll be putting to good use tomorrow. Before that I’m off to International Drive to see what this city really does have to offer.

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