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  1. Trendy sandwiches and retail therapy

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    Trendy sandwiches and retail therapy


    I returned to Palermo today. This time to a place called ‘Mark’s Deli and Coffee House’ of the corner of Armenia and El Salvador in Palermo Viejo (Palermo has different neighbourhoods). It’s a pretty cool café but food is still more than affordable there.

    Afterwards it was out to the outlets on Avenida Cordoba. They’re situated between 4,000 and 5,000 on the enormous avenue. There are a few bargains to be found, but nothing too major.

    After that it was to 10 Mil y Pico for an evening drink (that’s it pictured). Is a cool bar. Chilled place, but cool.

    Tonight I’m going to a tango show before going for a big huge steak. Yum.


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