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  1. Two of Split's top markets

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Two of Split's top markets


    This morning I spent some time checking out two of Split’s most popular markets, the Fish Market and the Green Market.

    I set out from Old Town Hostel Split and headed towards the Fish Market first. This market is a pretty busy affair and you’ll hear it (and smell it) before you get there, as the stall owners loudly sell their wares to locals and visitors alike. A wide variety of freshly caught seafood is available at all of the different stalls.

    From there it was a short walk down to the waterfront and then a pleasant stroll along the promenade to reach the Green Market or Pazar. An incredibly colourful selection of fruits and vegetables were being offered, and the market was thronging with locals buying up this tasty, fresh food.

    As well as food, I saw a number of clothing and souvenir stalls there today too, selling everything from sunglasses to shorts. I had a quick chat with one of the stall owners and apparently, these are there everyday, alongside those stalls selling food.

    If you are looking to buy fresh food while you’re here in Split, be sure to check out these two markets as they offer a top-notch selection at very reasonable prices. Plus from the numbers of locals frequenting the markets, it’s easy to see that the food offered is great quality.

    Tomorrow I’m getting the bus from Split to Zadar where I’ll be catching my flight home, but before I get on that bus I’m definitely going to stop off at the Green Market to stock up on some snacks for the day.

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