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    Every Tuesday Jonathan Epstein, aka @EpsteinTravels, announces the theme for #FriFotos - a weekly forum on Twitter where people share photos that match the theme. This week the theme is 'Urban'. Since we've visited a few cities over the years, we've lots of photos to share. Here are ten I picked out...

    The Melbourne skyline

    Melbourne's skyline at night is stunning.

    Bo Kaap, Cape Town

    Easily one of the world's most colourful city centre neighbourhoods is Bo Kaap, Cape Town.

    Street art, Berlin

    Berlin - one of the best cities in the world to witness street art.

    Mopeds lined up in Florence

    Wondering how Italians get around their cities? Answer - mopeds, such as these waiting to move on in Florence.

    A 'favela' in Rio de Janeiro

    Nothing quite says 'urban' like the favelas (slum neighbourhoods) in Rio de Janeiro.

    The pedestrian crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo

    This famous pedestrian crossing in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Shibuya is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.

    A typical street in Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Look down the side streets in Kowloon in Hong Kong and this is what you will see.

    A shadow cast over the urban centre of Toronto

    Go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto and this is what you might see.

    Crazy, hectic Bangkok

    The sprawling city that is Bangkok.

    An unmistakable skyline

    The world's biggest cities are fully of beautiful skylines, but there's something really special about the one you'll discover in Chicago.

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