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  • Volunteer travel in Greece – 5 sweet summer gigs that will make you spill your ouzo

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  1. Volunteer travel in Greece – 5 sweet summer gigs that will make you spill your ouzo

    posted by Guest blogger - Turner Barr | 0 Comments


    In second of two guest posts about spending summer in Greece (read the first one here, Turner Barr of Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com looks at how you can give something back to the Greek community when you're there. To keep up-to-date with Turner you can follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

    Ok Ok...now that you have been debauching for half the summer you are starting to feel those guilt pains – no wait, that would be your stomach and nausea pains, wonder why. Well – if you are all partied out or if you didn't get on the booze cruise to begin with, why not remedy the situation and give back a little? And if you are going to give back, why not give back while in the Greek Islands. You can get that gentle tingling sensation all over your body from doing good work for others while at the same time covering up your heinously pale complexion with some much-needed sun. So without any further foreplay, let me throw at you five alive and ready volunteering options this summer in the Greek Islands to make up for your hedonistic ways, young scarlet.

    Volunteers for peace
    With 29 different projects going on this summer in Greece, you don't have to look far to repent for said sins. Here you can work with children in camps and still get to take in the summertime in the blue Isles of Homer. So to summarize an already ridiculously short and vague paragraph about volunteering with little terrors in Greece - it is in Greece; there are children; there are camps; there is still the chance to live in Greece for the summer and do something nice for someone else. This looks good for both parents and a resume alike. All in all, it is the perfect summer caper. Check out VFP.org for all the juicy deets on all of their projects.

    Earth, Sea & Fire
    Yes the name is as cool as this volunteer organization and the name of the island is as unpronounceable as the rest of everything else in Greece (Zakynthos). Zakynthos is one of the 6 islands in the Ionian Sea and has every bit of beauty as her more popular sisters. Here the main drive of the organization is to help strike a balance between tourism and ecology. This summer gig entails cleaning up beaches, informing the tourist hordes of the do's and don'ts to protect wild life, flora and fauna care-taking and animal rescuing. Basically, if you like sea turtles and sea lions, you should jump on top of this faster than a Greek downs his ouzo.

    Yes. The legendary WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) experience, ranging from picking grapes in beautiful New Zealand to shoveling all kinds of horrible things in a country you've never heard of, this organization is the go-to for those Birkenstock-clad folk who wish to get down and dirty on their vacations – in the actual ground that is – what were you thinking? Mind – focus – proceed.

    Any who, Greece has some great WWOOFing gigs, comprising more of the picking olives and grapes for wine and less of the shoveling animal dung varieties. If being in the fields is your thing then definitely check out some of the summer jobs opportunities WWOOF is throwing up.

    Global Volunteering
    Again, if you like rug rats, and you like to live in beautiful Greece this could be your ticket. However, here the story is a bit different. Global volunteering in Greece works with at-risk kids by teaching them to master English. Likewise, unlike the aforementioned volunteers gigs before, this one will not involve you being outside all day in the scorching heat. It's perfect for someone who wants to get a taste of the great outdoors without completely frying their noodle. Check out Globalvolunteers.org/greece/ to see how you can make your mark.

    Work away
    And last but not least, the wild card - if you didn't see anything here to suit your fancy, check out Work Away, which directly links volunteers with those in need of a hand. Usually the trade-off is free stay and food for the use of your muscle (see: non-existent muscle from being spoiled by Facebooking all day). Check out http://www.workaway.info/hostlist-GR.html to see if you can find a more tailored and personal experience to meet your summer Greece Volunteering needs. Check out to make your mark.

    Turner out.

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