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  1. Want to promote your hometown? Join #TNI tonight!

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    Want to promote your hometown? Join #TNI tonight!


    Do you want to promote your hometown? Feel like letting the world know the best things about where you live? Join #TNI (Travelers Night In) on Twitter tonight and you can do just that.

    The theme for tonight's #TNI is 'Best of hometown'. But what exactly is #TNI you might be wondering? In case you don't know already, #TNI (Travelers Night In) is a 'tweet-up' on Twitter where lots of Twitter users join into the one conversation. This conversation lasts approximately 100 minutes. Over these 100 minutes a group of hosts ask ten travel-related questions - one every ten minutes. So tonight there's going to be ten questions about your hometown.

    To join in simply answer the questions by either 'retweeting' the question with your answer at the beginning, or by writing your tweet like "A1. (answer) #TNI'". The last bit is the most important - you have to tag your tweet with #TNI.

    To join in, simply follow one of the hosts such as @traveldudes or @zipsetrachel to get the questions and then join in with your answers.

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