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  1. Want to stay in a US National Park?

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    Want to stay in a US National Park?


    If so, then you’re in luck because here at Hostelworld.com we’ve got some great accommodation in a number of the top National Parks in the US. These include hostels in Hot Springs National Park, hostels in Joshua Tree National Park and hostels in Denali National Park.

    Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is a popular spot thanks to its natural hot springs and beautiful surroundings. The B Inn is located in the town of Hot Springs, within walking distance of the park and its numerous hiking trails. Breakfast is included, free WiFi is available and reception is open 24 hours daily.

    You’ll find the Circle C Lodge a short trip from the Joshua Tree National Park, which is located in Southern California. Boasting great views of the Mojave Desert, the Circle C Lodge has its own pool as you can see from the picture here. It also offers internet access in all its rooms.

    For those hoping to explore Alaska’s Denali National Park, the Denali Park Hostel makes a great base. Free WiFi is provided and parking is available.

    For more information on these hostels and a huge selection of hostels in the US and around the world, check out Hostelworld.com.

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