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  1. We've teamed up with Brendan van Son of Brendansadventures.com

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    We've teamed up with Brendan van Son of Brendansadventures.com


    As well as writing posts for our own blog, part of my job is working with the world’s top independent travel bloggers and writers. And thanks to Twitter and attending different events, I’ve been lucky enough to have met many of them over the last few years. One of these is Brendan van Son of Brendansadventures.com who I met in Dublin last year. Brendan’s site is one of my favourite travel sites for many reasons – he likes getting off the beaten track, he’s good at telling stories plus he’s an incredible photographer. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Hostelworld.com is now the official budget accommodation partner for his site.

    Like most people in the travel sphere, I know Brendan through Twitter. So when I found out he was passing through Dublin I made sure to organise a meet up along with some other travel people who were in town at the time. We discussed where we’ve been to, where we’re planning to go, travel videos and lots more.

    Since then we’ve kept in touch, so when he told me he was planning a trip through Africa and he wanted Hostelworld to help him on his journey I couldn’t say no. So between now and the summer Brendan will be writing regular guest posts for our site, he’ll be sending us images to share on our Instagram account, he’ll be making videos for us and more.

    On top of this, if you visit Brendan’s site, which I strongly advise you do, you’ll be able to book budget accommodation there and then. This on top of reading his posts from his journey through Africa.

    To keep up to date with Brendan’s adventures make sure to visit his site, follow him on Twitter, like his page on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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