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  1. We've won two awards at Australia's Golden Backpack Awards!

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    This year's Golden Backpack Awards in Sydney, Australia were extra special this year. Not only did we win 'Best Hostel Booking Engine' for the fifth year running, this year we won the special 'Innovation Award' also!

    Held at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, and hosted by TV presenter and adventurer Peter Wells, The Golden Backpacks are Australia and New Zealand’s only dedicated awards programme for the independent travel sector. This year almost 80,000 votes were received before the winners were revealed to the 360 guests at a gala dinner.

    While we always thrive to be the number one hostel-booking website in the world, which makes winning the 'Best Hostel Booking Engine' award so special, we also take pride in being the most innovative hostel-booking website. We were the first website of our kind to have an iPhone app and an Android app, we're the only ones to have award-winning videos, you can't buy Lonely Planet guides on any other hostel-booking website, we're the only site that has podcasts...the list goes on! So the 'Innovation Award' is all the more special as it's years of hard work paid off.

    Many hostels listed on our site won awards too - Habitat HQ won Best Hostel in Victoria, Wake Up! Sydney Central won Best Hostel in New South Wales, while Nomads Queenstown won Best Hostel in New Zealand.

    So next time you're booking a hostel, or any other type of accommodation on our site, you can rest assured that, according to TNT Australia, not only are we the best in the business, but we're the most innovative too.

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