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  1. What hostels can do for Earth Hour 2011

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    What hostels can do for Earth Hour 2011


    At 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011, hundreds of millions of people across the globe will switch off the lights of homes and businesses for one hour – Earth Hour. This is the world’s largest public action for the environment, acknowledging a commitment to go beyond the hour with actions that benefit the planet in the year ahead.

    Hostelworld.com are asking the thousands of hostels it lists all over the world to make a great contribution to this global pursuit of ongoing environmental change. If you’re wondering ‘What can I do to help in my hostel?’ don’t fret – we’ve devised a list of ways you can help make a difference:

    1. Switch off non essential lights, exterior lights and lit signage at 8.30pm on Saturday 26th March 2011. Internally, switch to minimal lighting (in accordance with your occupational health and safety policy).

    2. Promote any environmentally friendly initiatives you support – have guests enjoy a party by candlelight, or create a romantic theme where people eat their dinner by candlelight!

    3. Communicate Earth Hour to your guests. Tell all your guests about your participation in Earth Hour 2011 and any other positive actions for the planet you are taking to go beyond the hour. Some things you could include:
    (a) Inform all guests about the night’s event by displaying Earth Hour posters. Ask for their voluntary participation to switch off lights in their rooms during the hour
    (b) Provide information about Earth Hour to guests on the morning of 26th March. You can download Earth Hour posters, widgets and lots more on the Earth Hour Downloads Page
    (c) Include the link to the Earth Hour website on your website’s homepage or host an Earth Hour banner
    (d) Include special offers for Earth Hour on Hostelworld.com and in newsletters, encouraging guests to tell a friend or join your hostel in this global environmental action

    4. Communicate Earth Hour to staff via email, newsletters, posters, SMS etc. Encourage them, along with colleagues and families, to take part in Earth Hour and commit to ongoing positive actions for the environment both in the workplace and at home

    5. Go beyond the hour with your business practices:
    (a) Turn off lights after hours in offices
    (b) Install energy saving light bulbs and devices (eg: timers on lighting)
    (c) Turn off printers, computers, monitors, microwaves etc at the power points
    (d) Provide and encourage staff and guests to use recycling facilities

    6. Share your Earth Hour story with the world! What are you doing for Earth Hour 2011 and, more importantly, beyond the hour? Have you been inspired by the actions of others? Tell us by leaving a comment on this blog post. Alternatively, the Earth Hour website provides a platform for you to tell the world what actions your hostel is taking to contribute to global environmental change

    Watch the Earth Hour 2011 Official Video to find out more about this important event.

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