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  1. What’s a braai?

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    What’s a braai?


    I was lucky enough to find out the answer to that question last night at Albergo for Backpackers when Leslie and Mirjam invited me to a South African style barbecue. They light a fire at the hostel every night and people are free to use it if they want.

    Braais are incredibly popular all over the country, I’d heard, so it was really cool to be able to take part in one. As you can see from the picture here, there was a lot of food on the grill, which was cooked over the fire created by Beverly who works at the hostel. I have to say that I left the table a very happy camper indeed!

    It was a really nice social event too, which is how I hear it is at these barbecues all the time. We sat around the fire while the food cooked and had a chat, then ate together and it was really nice. It’s the first real home-cooked kind of meal (not counting the mac and cheese I made for myself at the last stop for a change from eating out) I’ve had since I came here and it was seriously delicious.

    If only we had the weather for a braai back in Ireland!

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