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  • Where to Find Monkeys With Blue Balls (Plus 8 More Adventures You Have to Take Right Now)

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  1. Where to Find Monkeys With Blue Balls (Plus 8 More Adventures You Have to Take Right Now)

    posted by Manita Dosanjh | 0 Comments

    Where to Find Monkeys With Blue Balls (Plus 8 More Adventures You Have to Take Right Now)


     Ready to whet your wanderlusting whistle with some more summer madness?

    Whatever you’ve been up to this summer, we guarantee you can top it with something from this list. Unless maybe you’ve been to the moon, in which case you should let us know that you did that in the comments and we’ll be in touch pretty soon…

    For everyone else, here’s some fresh craziness for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

    Travel inspiration of the month: Meet Sharks in Cape Town 

    Seasoned traveller Matthew Karsten has been brushing up on his surfing skills in Africa. We caught up with him for some top tips...


    HW: You say you weren’t very good at surfing before you got to Cape town, how much experience did you have?

    MK: I've had a few months of surfing experience in Mexico and Hawaii, but only on a 9 foot long board, and very basic surfing. I'm hoping to improve my skills on this trip, move down to a short board, and learn to really carve up a wave.

    You chose to book your trip with an organised tour, what have been the best and worst parts about your experience so far? 

    The guys at Ticket To Ride have been great, it's a fun tour with a great group of people. The biggest benefit is really getting to know everyone on the team, and learning from professional instructors, some of whom are professional surfers. I'm normally not a huge fan of group tours, but this one is an exception.


    Tell us something about Cape Town that nobody else knows?

    Cape Town is one of the best places in the world to learn to surf. Especially in the winter at Muizenberg Beach, when there aren't as many people in the water. However I'm excited to check out some more spots.

    Your video shows you getting pretty close to a shark…can we hear that story?

    Yeah, the shark footage was from a cage diving trip with Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai, near the infamous "Shark Alley". It's one of the many amazing adventure travel experiences you can have on a trip to Cape Town. I'll actually be writing a big article about it with more photos and video soon. This was not part of the surf tour though, it's something extra you can do on your own.

    How was it touring with a group? Were there any fun ‘post-surf’ shenanigans?

    Spending a few weeks with the same people is fun, especially when we all have a passion for improving our surfing. We're tallying up the surfing injuries we get too! So far we have a sprained ankle (me), a broken nose, a sliced shin, and a sea urchin attack to the foot. But we still love it -- we all knew what we were signing up for.

    Read more about Matthew's surfing adventure in Surfing Cape Town.

    2. Fall in love in Wanaka

    After reading Young Adventuress’s heart-warming account of how she came to love Wanaka (despite promising her heart to Wellington) I am officially jealous. Why? Wanaka has everything you could possibly ask for in your next great love; comfortingly friendly, on the cutting edge of coolness and so good-looking that you’ll just want to cry. It’s happening now as I upload this image…oh my.


    Image via YoungAdventuress.com

    Check out our hostels in Wanaka here, starting from just £14.27 a night.

    3. See how monkeys get blue balls in Tanzania

    Blue ball genes. It’s a thing. And according to Bucket List Journey you can see this and much more on safari in Tanzania. Sights include a kneeling walrus (spitting image of Pumba, just saying), the Massai tribe and my personal favourite, the hugging zebras.

    Tanzania Safari

    Image via BucketListJourney.com.

    Want to see for yourself? Search for Tanzania Hostels now.

     4. Live the high life in Taiwan

    Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a world where you have enough money to do all the things you love and then some? Charlie On Travel discovered this is totally possible (as an English grad too) working as a teacher in Taiwan. With way less tax to pay and a cheap cost of living, she was able to save half of her salary…as a fellow English grad, I salute you Charlie.


    Image via CharlieOnTravel.com

     5. Meet a tarsier in Bohol

    This is a tarsier:


    They’re so cute you’ll find the idea of squishing that little face totally irresistible, however if you touch one they have a tendency to get stressed out and commit suicide…sensitive souls I guess. Sabrina of JustOneWayTicket was lucky enough to get up close to them during here trip to The Chocolate Hills. As well as some unbelievably cute animals, Bohol is also home to some stunning beaches and awesome people.

    Image via JustOneWay Ticket.com

    See for yourself, click here for hostels in Bohol.

    6. Try bar hopping in San Diego

    Most people know San Diego as the best place for sun, surf and visiting Tijuana for the day, but the lovely folks at Beers and Beans have filled us in on a whole new reason to visit Jason Mraz’s home town. San Diego is home to some top quality watering holes; from locally brewed craft beer to a mean white Russian, you’ll find everything you need for a for a quality night out.

    San Diego

    Image via BeersAndBeans.com

    Want to try too? Find your San Diego Hostel right here.

    6. Tour the glaciers of Alaska

    It’s no secret that Alaska is home to some spectacular sights, but the vast expanse of land that’s covered by slow moving rivers of ice might just top the list of things that make you say wow. Dangerous Business documents the most impressive ones here. Warning, they are so beautiful it might make your eyes melt. A whopping five percent of Alaska is covered by glaciers. Doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s almost the same size as England.

    Alaskan Glacier

    Image via Dangerous-Business.com Jealous?

    Check it out for yourself with our great deals on hostels in Alaska.

    7. Try yakitori in Tokyo If you’re a fan of succulent meat that has been cooked to perfection, you need to be in Tokyo. If Migrationology's account of the mouth-watering Japanese dish yakitori (chunks of meat/vegetables on a skewer) isn’t enough to get you on a flight ASAP, then your love of food clearly isn’t as irrational as mine. Food fanatics, I’ll see you there…


    Image via Migrationology.com

    Drooling? Find a cool hostel in Tokyo and try them for yourself.

    9. Go scuba diving in Bonaire

    Bonaire is home to one of the world’s most beautiful marine parks, and it’s the perfect place to become a certified diver. Ordinary Traveller discovered some of the best dive spots and the friendliest people on the island, she loved it so much that she didn't want to leave. To be fair, who would want to go home after spending some time in that lovely Carribean sun...  


    Image via OrdinaryTraveler.com

    So there you have it, a fresh new list to kick off August with a bang. Time to make some awesomeness happen...

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