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  1. Where to find your perfect night out in London

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    Design My Night

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    Luke Sillett is passionate east-Londoner with a penchant for nights out. He’s been exploring the capital for three years, using his expertise as editor at DesignMyNight.

    Oh, London - It really does take all sorts. From secret speakeasy dens to underground raves, rooftop bars to pop-up diners, there are plenty of nightlife activities to choose from, whatever tickles your fancy. When visiting the city the chances are that you’re probably looking to meet likeminded, awesome people such as yourself - and that’s where we come in. Here at DesignMyNight we’re all about helping you to discover the very best London has to offer, no matter what your tastes. With that in mind, check out our suggestions on where to meet people like you in London.

    You are: Young, on a budget, and in search of the party

    You need to be at: An organised London Bar Crawl

    London Bar Crawl

    Like many other cities around the world, London is bustling with plenty of raucous bar crawl options, which are a great way to meet people, as well as tick off multiple venues in one night. Our selection of crawls cover all the various areas of the city, and all come in at around £10 per ticket (which includes entry, drinks discounts and the tour). They’re an awesome budget-friendly option, and a shed load of fun if you’re looking for a no-holds-barred evening of pure partying. You’ll likely find independent travellers, birthday groups, groups of friends and basically anyone up for a good time. Take our advice: Don’t lose your tour guide - you’ll need them for when the shots kick in.

    You are: Looking for a VIP experience, money isn’t necessarily an object

    You need to be at: Upper West Club

    Upper West Club

    London is full of exclusive, VIP hangouts that are perfect for treating yourself on your trip. A hub of these fancy bars can be found in West London, namely in the Chelsea and Kensington area. Upper West Club is a NYC-themed nightclub boasting gorgeous cocktails, top DJs and a rooftop bar heaving with a young, smart and sexy crowd. Expect to find a party ready group of Champagne-loving revellers, all soaking up the incredible venue that is the Upper West Club. Exclusive, yes. But pretentious it is not. So you can rest assured that your fellow merrymakers are in it for the good times too.

    You are: A little older than the party-hungry crowd, looking for some chilled and cool drinks

    You need to be at: House of Wolf

    House of Wolf

    If you fancy experiencing something a little different during your visit, you should definitely check out House of Wolf in Islington. A multi-purpose venue, the House of Wolf is a Victorian-styled emporium offering delicious food, experimental tipples and one of London’s quirkiest decors. Though they do host more lively events, the venue is also ideal for chilled drinks, early evening tipples, and our personal favourite; boozy brunches. Head here for crazy cocktails and friendly vibes, you won’t be disappointed.

    You are: Adventurous, and looking to experience something totally unique

    You need to be at: Mr Fogg's

    Mr. Foggs

    Want to get hella quirky? No problem. Mr Fogg’s in the Mayfair district of Central London is about as weirdly-wonderful as it gets. Inspired by the travels of an eccentric Victorian explorer, the bar is kitted out with absinthe paraphernalia, period ornaments, bunting, and oddities aplenty. Though a little pricey, there are no shortage of talking points around the place, ideal for striking up a conversation with your fellow adventurers. Expect an interesting, experience hungry crowd at Mr Fogg’s.

    You are: Into DJs and clubbing, looking to rave until the sun comes up

    You need to be at: XOYO


    Open until the early hours throughout the week, XOYO is a prime-spot for serious partying in London, welcoming acclaimed DJs and live acts to entertain the ever-rowdy crowd. Perhaps not the place for a deep chat, but definitely a good spot for making heaps of dance-floor friends. Located just of Old Street roundabout in the Shoreditch area, XOYO welcomes a young, music-minded crowd of revellers, all out for a good time. Cool, brash, with a focus on the music, XOYO is a sound clubbing choice for your London adventure.

    See you soon on the dance-floor? Awesome.

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