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  1. Who won our Dream Destination Giveaway?

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    Dream Destination Hostelworld

    Last month, we gave you the chance to win a trip to your ultimate dream destination. For a grand prize of three return flights, five nights at a top Hostelworld.com hostel, €3,000 spending money and three exclusive Hostelworld.com travel packs, you had to tell us where you wanted to go and why you deserved it.

    We had thousands of very convincing entries, and our panel of three judges found it tough to choose, but unfortunately there can only be one winner…

    Congratulations to Sara Radomirović from Serbia!

    We loved the fact that for Sara, visiting Fiji was a real dream as she has carried a reminder of the islands with her on every trip. Here’s her winning entry:

    My dream destination is Fiji. This trip is something I could never afford! I’ve two towels of the Fiji Islands since I was a kid - so old and washed many times, but I still carry them on trips. It’d be unforgettable to see Fiji with my own eyes - this is my only chance!

    Fiji is a haven for beach lovers, with palm trees, powdery sand and happy locals, and we have some amazing places to stay there.

    Sara loves travelling; she’s visited several countries across Europe. Here she is in Bulgaria:


    And again in France:


    Sara is ecstatic to finally have the chance to travel as far as Fiji, and we have no doubt that it’s going to be as incredible as she always hoped.

    Want the chance to make your dream destination a reality? Our Epic Adventure Giveaway is still underway, and this month we’re offering you the chance to win the ultimate InterRailing trip around Europe. We’re also slashing our booking fees during our Epic Adventure Giveaway, so take advantage of no booking fess this month while you can.

    The competition will be running until the 29th January so there’s still a chance to win. We also have tons more #HostelworldTreats coming your way very soon…

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