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  1. Why you should go to Ibiza but skip the clubs

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    Our latest guest blogger is Lane Nieset of travel blog Takeoffs & Landings. To keep up to date with Lane make sure to follow her on twitter.

    Ibiza may be an island known for its wild parties and clubs, but there is plenty of sightseeing to do if you look in the right places. After a trip to the Balearic island last April, I discovered ways to enjoy Ibiza during off season by turning an island getaway into a mini roadtrip.

    Climb Torre del Pirata for unforgettable views

    Without the use of a GPS or a cell phone, navigating the roads can be difficult. One destination I had a hard time finding was to the Torre del Pirata, or Pirate Tower. After a few wrong turns, I managed to find a dirt path leading to a grassy area where cars were parked. Although the tower seems like it's clearly marked on the map, the trek to get there was not so defined. Once I stepped out of the car and asked for directions, a German club promoter on the island, Ross, let us join his hike.

    When we finally arrived at the tower we had been searching for, we had to climb up a narrow stone staircase. We got to the top and the view stretched for miles. On one side, the island Es Vedra jutted from the sea.

    Marvel at the natural beauty of Atlantis

    If you look down from Torre del Pirata on the other side, you’ll see a beautiful beach nicknamed Atlantis. The water is the most magnificent shade of blue and people sunbath in different secluded areas. The hike down to Atlantis is not defined, and involves going over sand dunes, but when you finally make it down to the rocks and water below, you’ll see that the hike was well worth it. The only downside is trying to remember the way back up, but there are plenty of friendly mountain climbers making their way up to the Pirate Tower who can point you in the right direction.

    Visit Las Dalias, the hippie market in Sant Carles
    Renting a car or riding bikes around the island is crucial to seeing some of the sights off the beaten path. One place worth stopping along the road is Las Dalias, the hippie market in Sant Carles de Peralta. The bohemian culture of the island is another part of its mystery and intrigue, drawing musicians like Bob Dylan in the 70's. Walking through Las Dalias, you'll find stands of silver pendants, tie-dyed scarves, and hand-carved jewellery. Although the market may showcase the more commercial side of the hippie lifestyle on the island, if you look closely, you'll see other signs of the culture all around, with carvings in the rocks, stone sculptures, and other remnants of rituals.

    Don’t miss beaches like Cala Bassa and Cala Comte – rent a car
    When I walked into the car rental shop and asked to rent an automatic for the weekend, the older man behind the desk asked what I wanted to see. "The clubs run the island," the man said. "But you should see the beaches before all of the tourists come once the clubs open." He gave me a map, with just a few roads marked on it, and highlighted the beaches I should visit on the trip. Some of the places he recommended were Cala Bassa, Cala Comte, Cala Tarida, and Platja de Ses Salines.

    Catch a sunset in San Antonio

    When in Ibzia you can't miss a sunset on the west side of the island. Head out to the 'Sunset Strip' near Sant Antoni, with beachside bars on a boardwalk wrapping along the coastline and prime viewing for the sunset. During off season, some of the more popular spots are closed, like Cafe Mambo, but I found prime seats outside Mint. While sipping Cava Sangria, a Spanish specialty, I watched sailboats pass by as the sun dipped behind the smaller islands in the distance.

    According to Ross, I came at the best time, since the island is empty during off-season and it transforms come June. When the island is at its most natural, that's when you can experience the bohemian lifestyle that so many artists came in search of. There is an indescribable energy on the island that makes you feel like you really have discovered something mythical, like the fabled Atlantis.

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