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  1. Wineries and more - a good day

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    Wineries and more - a good day


    Today myself and Gonzalo from Bellavista Hostel had a very good day. We spent the day filming “How to save money in Santiago” which will be available on the site in December. It will be the second of Hostelworld.com’s ‘How to...’ videos for South America.

    We started off filming at Concha Y Toro – one of Chile’s most famous wineries and one that’s really close to the city centre. That was for one of the tips which you’ll have to wait until the video is ready to find out what it is. Naturally, we enjoyed a glass of wine or two.

    After that it was back into the city centre for a few other points before ending up at San Cristobal Hill for the last point. I think the video will come out well.

    Last night in Chile tonight! They're having a BBQ in the hostel again!

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