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  1. Your Favourite London Restaurants

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Your Favourite London Restaurants


    Congrats to those who posted the best comments about their favourite London restaurants over on our Facebook page last week. They'll all receive free Hostelworld.com Gold Cards and their comments appear in our latest Travel Feature, Top Places to Eat in London - Your Favourite London Restaurants.

    In this article, we've put together the winning comments along with some more information about the restaurants our users have suggested including opening hours. Some of the restaurants featured are Spicy Basil, a Thai restaurant in Kilburn and Mildreds, a vegetarian place in Soho, among others.

    This week, to be in with a chance to get yourself a free Gold Card, just head on over to our Hostelworld.com Facebook page here and tell us about your favourite bars in New York City!

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