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  1. Your Hitlist of the 8 Best Places to go Drinking in Tallinn

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    Your Hitlist of the 8 Best Places to go Drinking in Tallinn


    Sean Mahon is Deputy Editor at the iGap Travel Guide, the ultimate resource for all your gap travel needs.

    Off to Tallinn? You’re in for a treat - Estonia’s capital has a magnificent 11th century Old Town with cobblestone streets, churches and – most importantly – pubs. Lots and lots of pubs.

    You’re never far from a good time in this city, and prices are cheap (compared to Western Europe, anyway), with a pint of beer costing €2.50-€4, depending where you go. Here are some of the best pubs for getting stuck in to Tallinn’s nightlife…

    1. Hell Hunt

    Hell Hunt 

    Start your night here. Its name actually means “gentle wolf” in Estonian and the pub claims to be the “very first Estonian Pub”. There's an open air terrace during summer for sipping beer in the sunshine.  (Current wolf sightings = zero).

    Pikk 39, 10133 Tallinn

    2. Imperial Pub

    IMperial Pub 

    Perfect if you are in large group, this jaunt is nicely tucked away so as not to be packed with punters and while maintaining a cosy vibe.  This is also a great place to grab some food; the hearty grub is cheap and delicious.

    Nunne 14, 10133

    3. Lounge 24

    Lounge 24 

    Thanks to Tallinn’s latitude 59 position (making it as far north as Stockholm and Oslo), the sun hardly ever sets in the summer... which means the party never ends. Take advantage of this and get yourself up to Lounge 24 to watch the sun teeter on the horizon from this amazing rooftop bar.

    Ravala Puiestee 3, 10143

    4. Hollywood


    You might not find A-listers knocking about here but this former Soviet-era cinema is now home to a huge dance floor, lined by bars on two floors without a hint of popcorn in sight - only beers, cocktails and whatever other drink takes your fancy.  A VIP bar at the back keeps up the Hollywood pretenses with the suited-and-booted types often found there.

    Vana-Posti 8, 10146

    5. Ice Bar

    Geographical closeness to Russia may play a part in Estonian’s affinity with vodka.  To many, the clear substance is only made manageable when part of a cocktail or used as paint stripper - but in Estonia, vodka is a way of life. It would be cultural negligence to ignore this delicacy on a night out in Tallinn, so head to Ice Bar where it's served in shot glasses made of ice.

    Dunkri 4/6, 10123

    6. Shooters


    If you don’t muck about when it comes to drinking, head to shooters. Shots of all kinds are served in sets of five - share with a mate or have them yourself to leave your head feeling split five ways in the morning!

    Suur-Karja 4, 10140

    7. Club Studio

    The queue to get into this club tells you all you need to know: this is Tallinn’s liveliest nightspot.  One floor plays R&B while the other blasts out electronic and house.

    Sauna 1, 10140

    8. Panoraam  


    This nightclub has been a favourite with locals for many years with its cheap drinks and dance hits from the 90s onwards drawing a loyal following.  Some of Estonia's most popular bands also play here.

    Ahtri 10, 10151

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