About Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia was founded in 1836 with the reading of a proclamation under a gum tree at Glenelg. Incidentally, the gum tree is allegedly still standing, barely, at the western seaside suburb and is visited by hundreds of thousands every year.

The city is a planned one compliments of a group of men, the most notable and influential of which was one Colonel William Light. In the beginning, the inner city consisted of a distinctive grid pattern which remains to this day. Covering exactly one square mile and surrounded by a green belt, this original idea behind the parkland was to add an area of calm to the city. And, while it might not have been a bustling urban area back in the late 1800s, it certainly is today and the green belt is having exactly the desired effect envisaged by its creators.

Despite the increase in Adelaide’s population which has seen it grow from about 2,500 when it began to over one million today, the fact that the city was planned means that it has still maintained the appearance of a much smaller area adding considerably to its charm.

Add to this, the natural beauty of the Mount Lofty Ranges, the Torrens River and the numerous seaside suburbs of the aforementioned Glenelg as well as Brighton, Grange, Semaphore and Seacliff and you have one very impressive destination. As well as this, its location serves as a perfect stop off point on your way to the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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