About Alice Springs, Australia

Located right in the heart of the Red Centre, the town is located approximately two and a half hours by air from all the major cities in the country and the most central location in Australia. It currently has a population of about twenty three thousand making it Northern Territory’s second largest city after Darwin.

While the Aboriginal history of the town dates back to over forty thousand years ago, the first Europeans didn’t actually make it to the region until 1860 when John McDouall Stuart and his party arrived on their attempt to cross Australia from south to north. They were in search of a route for the Overland Telegraph Line and it was for just this reason that the town was developed in the first place after it was selected as one of the staging points on the line. In those days it was known as Stuart after its founder and was to remain so until 1933 when it was renamed Alice Springs after the wife of one of the telegraph builders, Charles Todd.

Today Alice Springs is essentially a modern town in the middle of nowhere. Despite the fact that it is modern, however, evidence of its long Aboriginal heritage is visible in numerous different places. As well as this, the fact that it is only a couple of kilometres from the outback, you never have to travel to far from Alice Springs to find yourself in the middle of some of Australia’s most amazing natural wonders. It is not surprising, therefore, that almost half a million visitors pass through each year.

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