Things To See in Alice Springs, Australia

Because Alice Springs is so small, consisting mainly of about five blocks, all the attractions located in the town centre can easily be reached on foot. A number of different buildings representing the town’s development as well as housing reminders of its history can be found at various locations and provide an excellent way to spend a couple of hours.

As well as the buildings, however, the natural attractions in the town and surrounding area are excellent. The town’s location between the Eastern and Western MacDonnell mountain ranges as well as the fact that it serves as the main gateway for Kakadu national Park, Uluru or Ayers Rock and Kata Tijuta or The Olgas ensure its popularity as a backpacker destination.

Another popular attraction in the region is the host of somewhat different leisure activities which you can avail of during your stay. Camel riding, horse riding and hot-air ballooning are among the most popular but can prove quite costly for those of you trying to keep your costs to a minimum. Ask around about special offers, some hostels even offer discounted trips and tours. If you can’t find these, however, bush walking is just as much fun and won’t cost you a thing or hire a bicycle to take you around the area.

It is recommended, therefore, that whether you’re using it as a base for touring attractions which lie further afield or have chosen it as a holiday destination, take plenty of time to see Alice Springs as it is home to a great deal more than people expect before they get there.

Attractions in Alice Springs

  • Witchetty's

    Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs, Australia

    If you fancy something a little different check out the Rock n’ Roll night on Wednesdays at Araluen or keep your eye out for the special Saturday night parties which also take place regularly. There is a minimal charge of $4 but it is certainly money well spent.

  • Alice Springs Desert Park

    Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs, Australia

    One of the areas newest attractions, this park offers the opportunity to learn about and see the native plants and animals of central Australia. Also includes a nocturnal animal house where you get to view the seldom seen creatures of the night. The park’s location is also amazing.

  • Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

    86 Todd Street, Alice Springs, Australia

    A wholly aboriginal owned and operated attraction, this cultural centre houses an art gallery and the country’s only didgeridoo university as well as much more to see and do. Definitely well worth a visit during your stay.

  • Telegraph Station Historical Reserve

    Stuart Highway, Alice Springs, Australia

    Situated about three kilometers north of the town centre this is one of the original twelve stations on the Great Overland Telegraph Line which once provided the only communication between Australia and the rest of the world. Easily reached on foot by walking along the river from Wills Terrace so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

  • Anzac Hill

    Off Wills Terrace, Alice Springs, Australia

    Offering superb views of the main street and of the town itself, Anzac Hill is only a short walk from the city centre and is home to the town memorial to those killed in the war. A good place to start of your tour of Alice Springs or to take a stroll to some afternoon.

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service Base

    Stuart Terrace, Alice Springs, Australia

    Centre displaying the work carried out by this unique and famous group in Australia. With a small museum and half hourly tours which include a film which tells you all about this charity organisation, this is a fascinating story and won’t take up too much of your time either.

  • Frontier Camel Farm

    Ross Highway, Alice Springs, Australia

    Located about five kilometres south east of Alice Springs, this is a different way to get around the local area. While whole day treks are quite expensive at $200 you can avail of the shorter rides along the Todd River which range in price from $5-$25. Good fun but don’t expect anything too comfortable.

  • Adelaide House

    Todd Mall, Alice Springs, Australia

    One of Alice Spring’s oldest remaining building, this place opened as a hospital and hostel in 1926 making the first hospital in the area. In the decades that have elapsed since its opening it has been used as a hostel, a living place for nurses during the war, a meeting place for church groups and as a haven for senior citizens but now serves as a museum of local history.

  • School of the Air

    Stuart Highway, Alice Springs, Australia

    Another unique type of attraction to Australia is this particular school which provides a primary school education to children living in some of the country’s most remote areas. For the best opportunity to see the whole concept in operation, visit on school days between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

  • Panorama Guth

    65 Hartley Street, Alice Springs, Australia

    A gallery displaying the works of Henk Guth, the highlight of this particular attraction is the six metre high and sixty metre around panoramic mural from which the gallery got its name. Displaying the landscape of the area this is a remarkable work of art which will leave you completely spell bound.

  • Larapinta Trail

    , Alice Springs, Australia

    Beginning at the aforementioned Telegraph Station, this trail heads through the West McDonells and offers amazing views as well as a chance to see some wonderful natural attractions. While the entire trail covers over two hundred and twenty kilometers there are sections for those of you who don’t want to complete the whole thing. You should also note that you need to register at a Parks and Wildlife Commission Ranger station before walking the trail.

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