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Visiting Antwerp

The second largest city in Belgium and the second largest port on the continent, Antwerp is a bustling metropolis which people from all over the world have made their home. Oh and it's also home to the world's largest diamond cutting industry.

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Belgium Podcasts

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Belgium Pocket Guides

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Antwerp City Reviews

  • 70%


    Nice city, good arcitecture

    I stayed here for 1 night so cannot say really much - but this city is beautiful from the touristic POV - sights, river port, castle.. Not so good for parties I think, but maybe wrong time of the year

  • 70%


    A nice city!

    I havn't been spending a lot of time in Antwerp, but I can only recommend, what I have seen! You have beautiful buildings everywhere and it is full of so many nations. After Amsterdam it is the second most international City of the world! It has a chilled atmosphere too.

    Insider Tip:Get yourself some belgian fries! Visit the top of the 360° Museum for free for a great view. And Nachtegalenpark is soo beautiful!

  • 50%


    Great surprise

    Ended up being my favorite city in Belgium. Really cool atmosphere and people, just tends to shut down during the weekend and there wasn't really a ton going on which wasn't fun. Also, the weather was awful when I visited but what can ya do.

    Insider Tip:Don't come on Saturday/Sunday

  • 50%


    Tomorrowland weekend

    Didn't get chance to do a lot of sightseeing in Antwerp as we were heading off to Tomorrowland each day with only a few hours sleep. The city itself is very clean and has nice architecture, we just didn't have enough time to explore.

    Insider Tip:If you're planning on Antwerp as your base for Tomorrowland then you can expect it to take around 60 to 90 minutes to get to Boom each day and after the festival no less than 2 hours to return.

  • 80%


    Shear Beauty

    Don't miss the central station. The design and architecture of the building is a shear beauty. Grand plaza is another place not to be missed, don't overlook the golden figures on the top of the buildings. Very accessible by walking and you could relax in the parks if you have the time.

    Insider Tip:Always look around, or you might miss small details!

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