About Antwerp, Belgium

From cobblestones to contemporary fashions, Antwerp has a great selection of sights and sounds for you to enjoy during your stay. Add to that a wide choice of restaurants and nightspots, and you can’t fail to delight in this Flemish metropolis.

Antwerp is located beside the River Scheldt in the Flanders area of Belgium. With a population of over 472,000, the city covers around 204 square kilometres.

Historically, Antwerp was one of the world's most important financial centres. And today it is known as the world's most important centre for the diamond trade. There are four diamond bourses and around 1,500 diamond dealers located in the city's Jewish district, and approximately 85% of the world's diamonds are traded through here.

Antwerp is divided into a series of different districts and neighbourhoods. Grote Markt or 'Old Market Square' is Antwerp’s historical centre. Here is where you'll find the city hall. The south side of the city is seen as the more trendy area, and it includes neighbourhoods like Zurenborg.

The city's main public transport options are operated by De Lijn. These tram and bus networks criss-cross the city. The tram network is made up of 11 lines, including an underground section called the 'premetro'.

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