Entertainment in Antwerp, Belgium

Bars, clubs, and cultural venues can be found in astounding numbers all across Antwerp, providing a prefect mix of possibilities for a memorable night.

Thanks to their lack of a closing time, pubs in Antwerp are hugely popular. Plus there are a huge number of them spread across the city.

Around Grote Market and Groenplaats, you'll find everything from bars to theatres. The High Town area, which includes Hoogstraat, is the place to go for jazz bars and great live music. And if you're looking to dance the night away, check out some of the streets around central station, which are home to a variety of bars and clubs.

Some of the city's liveliest nightspots are located in the docklands areas to the north and south of the town centre. These areas have been rejuvenated in recent years and today, they're home to some of the city's most popular clubs.

Performing arts are well represented here too, with venues throughout the city hosting everything from opera to ballet to theatre.

The monthly publication called 'Antwerpen' is a great bet if you're trying to find something to do at night in the city, as it's filled with a vast assortment of listings.

Entertainments in Antwerp

  • De Blokhut

    Lange Herentalsestraat, Antwerp, Belgium

    One of Antwerp's most popular clubs, this spot is frequented by young locals and visitors alike. There is plenty of space to dance, with live DJs providing the latest dance tunes throughout the night.

  • De Engel

    Grote Markt 3, Antwerp, Belgium

    Located beside the sculpture and fountain dedicated to Silvio Brabo, De Engel is a great place to hang out, relax and enjoy a couple of drinks. It's also a good spot to try Antwerp's famous tipple, De Koninck beer.

  • Paeters Vaetje

    Blauwmoezelstraat 1, Antwerp, Belgium

    A proper Flemish pub, Paeters Vaejte offers more than 150 different kinds of beer as well as a great choice of bar food. It's walking distance from the Cathedral and has a small but cosy interior.

  • Vlaamse Opera

    Frankrijklei 3, Antwerp, Belgium

    To sample some of Antwerp's finer nightlife offerings, why not check out the Vlaamse Opera. As well as opera productions, this venue also plays host to ballet, chamber music and vocal performances. Box office open Tues-Sat 11am-6pm.

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