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Visiting Athens

Surrounded by mountains and built on eight hills Athens is a unique city where extensive restoration and rejuvenation has been taking place for the last decade. And despite its size most areas of interest can be reached on foot.

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Gyros or souvlaki?

Eating a gyros or a souvlaki is a much a part of a trip to Athens as visiting the Acropolis. The only problem is that you may not know the difference between the two. Colm speaks to Dimitris Bairaktaris and Vicky Moutsiounas from Athens’ famous ‘Bairaktaris’ restaurant to find out the difference between the two.

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Around the World in 156 Seconds...

Watch our video where Colm passes through the world's most famous cities.

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Athens Pocket Guide

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Athens City Reviews

  • 100%


    I had the time of my life in Greece! Anyone would fall in love with this country, especially Athens and Santorini Island! Everything was amazing; the food, the people, the attractions! I would definitely recommend visiting Greece! I would definitely come back to this spectacular country!

  • 40%


    Beautiful| Serene|Traditional||historic|Beach destination

    Athens is one of the oldest historic cities that I have ever visited. The temple of deities and the museum in Acropilis are outstanding piece of work that astonishes you. Not only that the Greek pop music is another thing that makes you dance and enjoy even if you had a tough day. Not to mention,the gastronomic delights the place offers-Mousaka, Souvaki and gyros are just to die for..

    Insider Tip:If you are a party person you will have to visit Gazi district after 12 mindnight. The industrial district turns into a party place.

  • 60%


    Overrated place

    The only nice place in Athens is Acropolis and seaside, the rest is just shady, dirty and makes you feel uncomfortable. But it's still worth to visit to try so cheap street food and Raki.

  • 80%


    Amazing Athens

    Athens felt like a breathe of fresh air. The food was amazing(fresh and whole), the drinks were good, everything was reasonably priced and over all it was just a good city to be in. It was so filled with culture and there was an artifact around every corner. Only complaint might be the very mediocre transportation systems.

    Insider Tip:fresh juice and 2 euro street gyros - probably the best meal i've ever eaten

  • 80%



    Fantastic city! I had heard that it was a very sketchy city and not a nice place to stay in. Maybe it depends where you stay in the city, but I thought it was beautiful and you can't be the centuries of history it has to offer!

Greece: Itinerary

Walking around the ancient city of Athens you can’t help but let your mind drift into a trance of what it might have been like to live there when the gods ruled the roost. It has some of the most fascinating ancient architecture you will find anywhere in the world but a lot more to offer such as breathtaking places to eat, and an amazing culture you will want to learn more and more about each day.

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