Eating Out in Athens, Greece

Athens Eating Out

Athens has hundreds of restaurants to choose from, some serving a selection of Mediterranean culinary delights and the best known Greek dishes, while some have a broader spectrum and specialise in Asian food.

While it can sometimes be geared a little too much towards tourists, Plaka is one of the best areas of the city to eat out in. Situated just at the Acropolis, even if you do happen to choose one of the area’s less appealing restaurants, the view will make up for the disappointment in food.

If you are on the cheap, and don’t want to be splashing out on a restaurant, look for Souvlaki stands which are all over the city. Souvlakis are kebabs wrapped up in pitta bread and, even though they are essentially fast food, they are very, very tasty! If you find yourself in the area of Exárhia Square there is a good selection of stands here.

If you want to try some other Greek specialities keep an eye out on the menu for Sadziki (yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and salt), Spanakopita (Spinach pie) and Lakanika (cabbage salad). In fact, just make sure and try any type of salads – they are the Greek’s speciality.

Restaurants in Athens

  • Eden

    Lissiou 12,, Pláka, Athens, Greece

    When opened in 1982, Eden was not only Athens' first vegetarian restaurant but also Greece's. Apart from the good food, it has a prime location across from the Acropolis.

  • Everest

    Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

    This chain of sandwich bars can be found all over Athens and is a cheap, quick option when you need something to eat.

  • Hermion

    Othos Pandrossou 15, Plaka, Athens, Greece

    Situated in Plaka, Hermion isn't too expensive which is surprising considering the quality of the food. It has a large courtyard which makes the meal even more enjoyable.

  • Damigos (The Bakaliarakia)

    Odos Kidathineon 41, Plaka, Athens, Greece

    Situated in a basement, Damigos has been serving food for over a hundred and thirty years. The food is top notch and the wine, amazingly, comes from the family's own vineyards.

  • To Tristato

    Othos Dedalou 34, Plaka, Athens, Greece

    For a decent breakfast, or maybe just a snack, To Tristato is a good place to go. High ceilings and a wide open space make eating here a very relaxing experience.

  • Taygetos

    Odos Satovriandou 4, Omonia Square, Athens, Greece

    Even though souvlakis are generally bought at stands, this restaurant in the university has an area to sit down in. There are plenty of other tasty dishes on the menu also.

  • Cosmos

    Omirou 8, Neo Psihiko, Athens, Greece

    Cosmos is one of Athens' trendier restaurants and has a good selection of meat and pasta dishes. The decor in the restaurant is one of the restaurants best features so if you like eating in nice surroundings you will love this place.

  • Taverna Efimero

    Corner of Methonis and Themistokleous, Exarhia, Athens, Greece

    This restaurant is different to others in that, instead of choosing food from a menu, the waiters bring round dishes on a tray and you take your pick. Told you it was different to other restaurants!

  • Archeon Gefsis

    Epidaurou 10, Kastella, Athens, Greece

    Translated into English, the name of this restaurant means 'ancient flavours'. And thats just what this restaurant serves. One of its unique characteristics is that you get a spoon but no fork to eat your meals. It is close to the Mikrolimano Marino so if you are in the area you should try and drop in.

  • Strofi

    Rovertou Galli 25, Makrigiani, Athens, Greece

    There is a laid back atmosphere in this restaurant and the roof terrace has spectacular views of the Acropolis.

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