Entertainment in Athens, Greece

Athens Entertainment

Athens is different to most other European capitals. The best opportunity to enjoy the full range of nightlife is in the winter as opposed to the summer. This is because many establishments follow the tourists on to the islands during the hotter months. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time after dark in the city.

Club life in Athens is growing steadily with more and more internationally renowned DJs playing in the city’s clubs. Don’t go to them until late at night though. They don’t open until around 11pm, don’t get going until between midnight and 1am and don’t shut usually until 6am! A night’s clubbing in Athens can take its toll.

If clubbing isn’t your thing, there is a vibrant live music scene in Athens. Whether it is jazz, rock, or local bands which you plan on seeing, all are always playing somewhere in the city. For the best listings check out Kathimerini, an English supplement with the Herald Tribune.

A lot of the nightlife spills out on the streets and there is always a good atmosphere in the city. This comes from the various bars which are scattered all over. As the bars don’t close until approximately 4am, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on too much if you don’t go to a club.

Entertainments in Athens

  • Loud Mansion

    116 Ermou, Psiri, Athens, Greece

    One of Athens' most popular clubs, Loud Mansion attracts those who like to party until sunrise at the weekends to the sounds of the world's most popular DJs.

    Open Thurs-Sun 11pm-late; admission €12 approx.

  • Brettos

    41 Kydathineon, Plaka, Athens, Greece

    While it is by no means the liveliest of bars, Brettos is one of Athens' most intriguing and is worth visiting if only to check out the multicoloured collection of bottles facing you as you walk in.

    Open daily from 10am-midnight.

  • Rock n Roll

    Loukianou 6, Kolonáki, Athens, Greece

    Rock n Roll is one of Athens' most popular bars and is a great place if you are looking for a lively night. At the weekends the doormen have tend to be picky so put the gladrags on!

  • Next

    Corner of Othos Themistokleous & Othos Gamveta, Athens, Greece

    This is Greece's most 'all-round' club playing pop music and rock music, instead of specialising in some type of dance music. It's fairly big which is good cause you will always a space to stand somewhere.

  • Loop

    Agiou Assomaton Sq. 3, Psiri, Athens, Greece

    If you like hip-hop music this should be your first port of call. A regular DJ plays the latest rap tunes to a young and hip crowd.

  • Granazi

    Lembessi 8, near Syngroú, Athens, Greece

    Situated in Makriyánni where most of Athens' gay bars and clubs are, this gay bar is a popular one. Its also close to where most of the transvestites in the area hang out, making it that little bit more interesting.

  • Half-Note

    Trivonianoú 17, Mets, Athens, Greece

    With live jazz music playing most night, Half-Note is a great place to go any night of the week. The musicians playing are international as well as local.

    Closed on Tuesdays.

  • To Cafeneo

    Othos Epikarmou 1, corner of Othos Epikarmou and Tripodon, Athens, Greece

    If you want to sample some of the best local ouzo this is one of the best places in Athens to do so. Food is also served in this bar. Considering the damage ouzo can do you, having a good meal before downing loads of the Greek liquor is a very good idea.

  • Black Hole

    Astéria, Glyfádha, Athens, Greece

    This beach suburb bar is full of Athens' beautiful people and a good place to be seen.

  • Brettos

    Kydathineon 41, Plaka, Athens, Greece

    This family-run bar has lots of character with barrels and coloured bottles lining the wall. It is also one of the oldest distilleries in Athens.

  • Kingsizq

    Othos Amerikis 2, near Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

    Kingsize is a large underground bar which is popular with those who follow the dance music scene. Like some clubs in Athens, the bouncers can be choosy on who gets in so leave the white trainers at home if you plan on making a visit.

  • Rodhon

    Márni 24, Platía Váthis, Athens, Greece

    This is Athens' best live music venue and plays host to many of Greece's best rock and soul groups, along with some foreign acts also.

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