Things To See in Athens, Greece

Athens Things To See

Athens is the city of the Gods. There are enough temples and ancient sites to visit to keep you occupied for days. Some of them are so impressive that you will only have to visit a handful to be totally satisfied.

The Acropolis is the city’s key attraction. It overlooks the whole city and dominates the skyline. The one structure which dominates the site is the Parthenon. Originally housing a statue which is no longer there, the whole building is built from marble. Other attractions on the site are ancient city’s entrance gate, known as the Propylai, and the onsite museum.

All in all, Athens has 28 museums to visit. They are dedicated to everything from ancient costume to musical instruments, although most are about the city’s ancient past. If you want to see more of the city’s older buildings up close, instead of reading about them in a museum, visit some of the temples, the pick of the bunch being the Theatre of Dionysus.

Although it is strongly geared towards tourists, The Plaka is a nice part of the city. The pedestrianised area is full of cafés and restaurants and is very close to the Acropolis. Other districts worth a visit are Psiri, which is particularly popular with young people, and Syntagma (Constitution) Square.

Attractions in Athens

  • The Acropolis

    , Athens, Greece

    The Acropolis is not just Athens' most instantly recognisable landmark but also Greece's. When it was built during Athens' classical times this was the city's premier religious centre. The main attraction on the whole site is the Parthenon, Greece's most famous temple.

  • Theatre of Dionysus

    enter at Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece

    The arts were very important in Ancient Greek life and this huge theatre epitomizes this. Citizens of the city used to regularly hold performances in Dionysus' honour.

  • Benaki Museum

    Odos Koumbari 1, 5 blocks east of Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

    This museum houses a fantastic collection of Byzantine and Persian art along with ancient artefacts. One of Athens' best museums.

  • Temple of Olympian Zeus

    At Leoforos Vas. Olgas and Amalias, Athens, Greece

    This is one of Athen's bigger temples and well worth a visit. Today 13 marble columns, standing 56ft each, are still standing.

  • Roman Stadium

    , Athens, Greece

    Originally built in the 4th Century BC, the Roman Stadium was restored in 1895 by a Greek millionaire just in time for the first modern Olympic Games held the following year. The stadium is different to other attractions in the city in that it has historical significance from both ancient and modern times.

  • Ancient Agora

    on the edge of Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

    In its heyday, the Agora market was Athens' commercial, social and political hub. Famous philosopher Socrates used to wander the streets, pondering on his thoughts. He did so with his disciples, the best known being Plato. As well as walking around the area of the ancient market, the Stoa of Attalos and the Church of the Holy Apostles are also in the area.

  • Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments

    Odos Dioyenous 1-3, Athens, Greece

    If you fancy visiting an attraction that is to do with something other than ancient temples and Greek Gods, this museum is a good place to go. Inside is an interesting collection of musical instruments and photographs.

  • The Keramikos

    , Athens, Greece

    Situated just outside the city walls, The Keramikos is Athens' oldest cemetary. From the 12th Century BC it has been the resting place for the city's deceased citizens. While visiting a cemetary might not sound very appealing, once you make the journey you will find it surprisingly rewarding.

  • National Garden

    between Leoforos Amalias and Irodou Attikou, south of Vas, Athens, Greece

    When the hustle and bustle of the city is becoming a bit too much for you, this garden is a nice place to unwind, luy down and enjoy the sun. Once royal family's palace garden, the city zoo and botanical museum are also in the park.

  • The Pynx

    , Athens, Greece

    Situated in the southern part of the city, The Pynx is where the citizen assemblies met. Incidentally, it is where democracy was born as it was here that people began the trend of voting on matters of importance.

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