Transport in Athens, Greece

Athens Transport

Getting there

By air: Athens’ international airport called Eleftherios Venizelos is approximately 27km east of the city. Flights from all over Europe fly to the airport, as well as some from outside the continent.

By train: Athens’ main train station is called Larisis and this is where domestic as well as trains from all Greece’s nearest European countries stop.

By bus: Terminal A and Terminal B are the city’s two main bus stations. Along with domestic buses, those from Turkey, Bulgaria and other European countries stop in either station.

By sea: If you are travelling to Athens from any of the Greeks Islands you can get to there via ferry.

Getting around

By metro: Athens has a very efficient metro and is getting better every day as two new lines were added recently and the Green Line (Line 1) has been extended. Altogether there are three lines in operation.

By bus: Like most cities in the world, the bus service in Athens is the more efficient mode of transport. They can be overcrowded sometimes, but they serve all parts of the city. Yellow trolleybuses are also in operation.

Most of the city’s main attractions are within walking distance of each other so you shouldn’t have to use public transport too often.

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