About Bali, Indonesia

Home to pristine beaches, dense jungle, beautiful temples, great shopping opportunities and a host of culinary delights, Bali is a mesmerising place. In recent years, this island has suffered through bombing incidents in 2002 and 2005. However, visitors are beginning to flock back, with numbers almost the same now as they were before these events.

Bali is one of Indonesia’s 33 provinces, located between Java and Lombok. Almost 4 million people live on the island, which covers over 2,000 square miles.

Though it’s possible to drive around the island in a day, Bali holds a staggering number of things to delight the traveller. With its diverse topography, Bali is home to beaches, active volcanoes, rice terraces and jungle land.

The island is divided into various different regions, and the main city is Denpasar, which is also Bali’s transport hub.

In the south, surfers flock to Kula, a heavily developed area rich in shopping and nightlife opportunities. Two of the more upmarket beach resorts are Seminyak and Kerobokan, where you’ll find trendy restaurants, bars and clubs. Lovina, on the north of the island, is a quiet spot famed for its snorkelling, diving, and dolphin watching. The fishing village of Amed in the west is an increasingly popular part of Bali, thanks to its black sand beaches, coral reefs and a selection of restaurants.

As well as activities such as surfing and diving, Bali also offers many opportunities for spiritual exercise. The island is home to around 20,000 different temples and Balinese Hinduism is practised by almost the entirety of the population.

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