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Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating destination offering a unique blend of east and west where, despite a modern appearance, ancient traditions are very much alive in every day life.

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Live from the Khao San Road

Join Colm as he walks down Bangkok's Khao San Road, the world's most famous road with backpackers. Armed with nothing but his dictaphone, he speaks to travellers from all over the world about where they've been, what they miss most about home, drinking 'buckets' and eating bugs!

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Live from the Khao San Road

Our editor Colm took to the streets of Bangkok's famous Khao San Road. Here's who he met...

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Bangkok Pocket Guide

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Bangkok City Reviews

  • 60%


    Hot and Busy

    Bangkok is a busy Asian city, lots of shopping, lots of Wats and other interesting sites and lots of places to eat. But also lots of people, lots of traffic and air pollution. For a relaxing break I would prefer Chiang Mai which is only an interesting overnight train trip away or one of the Islands for those who want the beach and bar scene. My personal preference Koh Samui.

    Insider Tip:Get a massage after you have checked out the reclining Buddha at Wat Po, Get an interesting view of the river from Wat Uran, check out the palace and Jimmy Thompson's house and don't believe anything a Tuc Tuc driver tells you. There are a lot of cons in Bangkok.

  • 40%


    I love thailand but bangkok is my least favourite.

    I dont have much to say about bangkok. Ive been 2 times already but didn't enjoy so much. I oersinally dont like big cities so much.

  • 80%


    Bangkok rocks!

    Bangkok! What's not to love about it? (Other than the heat and the traffic) Over the course of many visits over the years, I have become very familiar with the city, but there's so much I haven't seen or done there that I am drawn again and again. It's a city with surprises around every corner, even for the jaded expat. I left not long ago, but I must go back soon! If only it weren't sweltering hot almost all the time...

    Insider Tip:1. Take the city buses! They go everywhere, they're cheap, and the bus lines are easy to look up online. 2. If some stranger approaches you talking about "Lucky Buddha", "Thai Export" or other such rot, walk away. They're setting you up for a scam. 3. Never go to any restaurant recommended by a cab driver; it's sure to be a ripoff with kickbacks for the driver. 4. 2nd Class Sleeper trains rule. Pay the extra 10% for a lower bunk; they're wider and you get a window. Comfy!

  • 70%


    Solo female travel in Bangkok

    Bangkok has a lot of different vibes depending on the area. I stayed on Khao San Road is chaotic, bugood at night for people-watching, live entertainment at open-air bars and in the streets, and cheap but good food and drinks. Silom area is more upscale, clean and expensive, but Patpong night market and Soi 4 are interesting to see. Easy access to BTS skytrain to get almost anywhere in Bangkok. Overall, cool to see for a couple days but not the best place to meet other travelers or to chill out.

    Insider Tip:Ride the express boats for 15 baht to most major tourist attractions (Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Chinatown, or connection to BTS).

  • 60%


    Bangkok, scam central

    A beautiful busy city but around every corner is a scam artist, it's hard to even take a map out without being harassed. This is my second visit there and I could not wait to leave. The temples and culture are stunning but even there you will find someone trying to take you somewhere or to buy something.

    Insider Tip:Be smart and don't trust everyone.

Thailand: Itinerary

Thailand has been a backpacker’s haven for years and years. The hustle and bustle and unique energy of Bangkok is legendary with travellers the world over. And when the fast pace of the Thai capital becomes too much for you it has some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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