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Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating destination offering a unique blend of east and west where, despite a modern appearance, ancient traditions are very much alive in every day life.

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Live from the Khao San Road

Join Colm as he walks down Bangkok's Khao San Road, the world's most famous road with backpackers. Armed with nothing but his dictaphone, he speaks to travellers from all over the world about where they've been, what they miss most about home, drinking 'buckets' and eating bugs!

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Live from the Khao San Road

Our editor Colm took to the streets of Bangkok's famous Khao San Road. Here's who he met...

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Bangkok Pocket Guide

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Bangkok City Reviews

  • 100%


    Amazing Bangkok

    Bangkok, with it's beautiful temples, party place Khaosan road and all the other things to see. Taxiboats, tuk tuks. Everything is possibie in Bangkok!

    Insider Tip:Songkran in Bangkok. Amazing!

  • 100%



    Coming from New York I am used to crazy big cities but Bangkok sure made me question if I really was used to it. The traffic is insane and the drivers have to be skilled because I didn't see any accidents( thank god)

    Insider Tip:To see the temples the easiest way is to take a boat, it is 40 baht one way and 150 baht to take the boats all day. Kind of like a hop on hop off. There is a free boat that takes you to the riverfront where there is a lot of shops and restaurants called Asiatique. A really good restaurant that I loved is "Nalin Kitchen" and a great hookah bar with a big screen for watching soccer is Kazbar. We also checked out Cloud 47 which has great views of the city at night.

  • 90%


    Bangkok ~ The City That Gets a Bad Name for NO Reason

    "Bangkok is s*#@, don't stay more than two days," was the advice I got from many travellers before getting here. All of them recommended different Khao San places but the best part of Bangkok is everything but Khao San.

    Insider Tip:Stay in places away from Khao San and Soi Cowboy. Not only will they be cheaper but you will find a higher class of travellers, facilities and people looking to honestly help you. Lots of people also don't know about the river boats. Don't bother with a full day pass as you won't use it enough to get your moneys worth. Wait for the Orange Flag (15 baht) or Blue Flag (40 baht, comes more often but fewer stops). Don't get sucked into ANY special deal a tuk tuk driver offers you.

  • 90%


    Amazing City!

    I had an absolute blast here. I'm not the partying type and I avoided the touristy parts of town. I didn't travel over 8000 miles to see other westerners. From the parties that I did witness, I haven't seen many locals attending. Great city, huge city, plenty of culture, friendly people. Don't get suckered into paying for a tuk tuk, they rip you off and charge three times as much as a taxi would. Motorcycle taxis and car taxis are the way to go. Public transit is nice and cheap.

  • 90%


    Different World

    Bangkok is just a wonderful place to experience a different culture , especially south east asian culture. The thai way of life is very leaned back and open minded. So don't be afraif and jump right into. Almost every thai has a knowledge of basic english words so you will get along quite easy. On top of that they are all very friendly. Great food ,great people best preconditions for travelling. The only thing that doesnt work quite qell in Bangkok is chilling out only if you go for a massage.

    Insider Tip:Talk to Locals , some speak pretty good english and its always about the people, they hook you up with great places for food and other activities. Other than that try to get some infos on the Ghost Tower ;-).

Thailand: Itinerary

Thailand has been a backpacker’s haven for years and years. The hustle and bustle and unique energy of Bangkok is legendary with travellers the world over. And when the fast pace of the Thai capital becomes too much for you it has some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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