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Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating destination offering a unique blend of east and west where, despite a modern appearance, ancient traditions are very much alive in every day life.

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Live from the Khao San Road

Join Colm as he walks down Bangkok's Khao San Road, the world's most famous road with backpackers. Armed with nothing but his dictaphone, he speaks to travellers from all over the world about where they've been, what they miss most about home, drinking 'buckets' and eating bugs!

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Live from the Khao San Road

Our editor Colm took to the streets of Bangkok's famous Khao San Road. Here's who he met...

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Bangkok Pocket Guide

Bangkok Pocket Guide

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Bangkok City Reviews

  • 60%


    Bangkok - the big, hot, dirty hub of southeast Asia.

    Bangkok will be on most travellers' itineraries because it is the gateway to many parts of southeast Asia. It's a monstrous city that moves at a frantic pace with new developments sprouting up everywhere. It's increasingly modernising and is surprisingly safe, minus the hustlers and scammers that you need to do your research about. Many travelers will flock to the Khao San Road area for it's budget prices but staying in Sukhumvit or Lumpini is a much more convenient location to get around.

    Insider Tip:Many taxis and tuk tuks will insist on taking you to a tailor store or two between A and B. Capitalise on this by insisting that the fare is as cheap as possible or even free and plan to spend around ten minutes in each store. One stop can get a discount on fare and two can make it free - they get rewarded with gas coupons for taking you there. Also, don't buy tickets from the TAT - they overcharge tourists and make a hefty profit from your naïvety.

  • 80%


    3 days in Bangkok

    Being the first time my mate and I had visited Bangkok, we weren't too sure what to expect other than an abundance of cheap beer, lady boys enticing people on street corners and middle aged men selling ping pong shows. While all of this does go on, there are some incredible temples and monuments to see during the day, before relaxing in Khao San Road with all the other backpackers and tourists.

    Insider Tip:Metered taxis are the best way to get around when you're pushed for time, Tuk Tuk's will generally do your journey for free, providing you spend 5 - 10 minutes feigning interest in their sponsor's shop, which gives then fuel tokens in exchange for customers

  • 90%


    Bangkok City Review

    I didn't go into the popular side of Bangkok, with all the tourist sites like the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha and Golden Mount, etc. except to go to Khao San road once. It's inconvenient because there is no public transpotation like the Skyrail or BTS that goes to that part of Bangkok which seems weird. You have to take a taxi, if you want to go. I went to other interesting places like the weekend market, water taxis, Ayyuthaya, Jim Thompson house, etc. and I recommend those places.

    Insider Tip:Plan to spend quite a few hours if you go to the Chatuchak weekend market, and also have a map with you.

  • 50%


    Bangkok - Shopping Center

    Street food are the best and the night market. I have'nt encountered a free wifi unless you go on a coffeeshop or dine-in in some restaurant. If you love shopping, this is the place to be.

    Insider Tip:Take the train and opt out the use of cab. Most tourist destination was accessible on every train station.

  • 50%


    Feels like another version of HONGKONG to me.

    It's kind of always feel exciting and you really can't be relax in Bangkok. The heat ,the traffic,the people drive you in a odd crazy mood,if you know what im saying,LOL

    Insider Tip:You have to take a motorbike than take a tutu in Bangkok.It's faster and cheaper for sure!!!

Thailand: Itinerary

Thailand has been a backpacker’s haven for years and years. The hustle and bustle and unique energy of Bangkok is legendary with travellers the world over. And when the fast pace of the Thai capital becomes too much for you it has some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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