Eating Out in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Eating Out

The good news for all you budget conscious backpackers that nowhere on the planet will you find food as cheap as that in Bangkok. Whether it’s authentic Thai cuisine or something from a little closer to home you fancy, and this city has it all, rest assured that you won’t have to break the bank to find the ultimate dining experience. But, as will all good news, there is a slight drawback because while the food is unbelievably cheap, the beer is not. In fact, in many restaurants be prepared to pay as much for one beer as you will for the entire meal. If you are a whiskey drinker, however, you should check out Mekong, the local tipple which is much cheaper than imported beers. And, what you spend on beer you will save on food so the news isn’t all bad.

While in the city, you should try out one of the numerous street kitchens which you will find throughout Bangkok. And, for the classier backpackers among you, don’t worry about your street cred. Everyone takes advantage of this unique dining experience, from the very rich to the very poor so don’t worry that your standards are slipping. It isn’t the location that make them special, it’s the delicious assortment of food that’s on offer.

Helpful as we are and just to point you in the right direction when it comes to eating out in Bangkok the following are the top ten most popular Thai dishes consumed around the world at present. Of course, those in the Thai capital are the genuine article making them even all the more appetizing.

In first place is Tom Yam Kung which is a type of spicy shrimp soup, next on the list is Kaeng Khiao Wan aka green chicken curry which all of you are probably familiar with. Following these two specialties were Phat Thai which are noodles fried Thai style; Phat Kraphrao, meat fried with basil; Kaeng Phet Pet Yang, a roast duck curry; Tom Kha Kai which is chicken in coconut soup; Yam Nua, a spicy beef salad; Mu Sate, roast pork coated in turmeric; Kai Phat Met Mamuang Himmaphan, meat fried with cashew nuts - yes it’s as simple as that and finally Phanaeng which is meat served in coconut cream. And, they are currently the dishes everyone is raving about so you should probably see what all the fuss is about while you are in the true home of Thai cuisine.

Restaurants in Bangkok

  • Siddharta

    144 Rambutri, Taladyan Pranakorn, Bangkok, Thailand

    Neatly tucked down a lane off the bottom off the Khao San Road, Siddharta is a fusion restaurant that specialises in Indian and Thai cuisine. Here you can treat yourself to a selection of mouth-watering main courses for in and around 120B. The dark décor makes for extremely pleasant surroundings.

    Open daily from 11am-1am.

  • Bangkok Bar & Restaurant

    591 Phra Sumen Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    While the name might not be the most imaginative one in the world, the food and atmosphere in this new arrival to the dining scene is much more impressive. Large portions of typical Thai cuisine at reasonable prices with laid-back music playing in the background – what more could you ask for. Try the cocktails too, not that you need to be told of course.

  • Cabbages & Condoms

    10 Sukhumvit, Soi 12, Bangkok, Thailand

    Now if the name isn’t enough to entice you into this eatery for a look, then maybe the fact that you get free condoms after your meal might. And, if that isn’t enough, perhaps the news that the food is cheap and tasty, the atmosphere is excellent and the experience is one you are not likely to forget for a long time.

  • Kaloon Home Kitchen

    2 Soi Wat Thevarajkunchorn, Si Ayutthaya Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    Overlooking the pier on the riverside, this is a cute little restaurant with two separate dining areas. The first is a covered pier area and the second is a small wooden boat. It isn’t easy to find but is well worth it when you do.

  • Spice Market

    The Regent, 155 Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    Slightly pricier than some of the restaurants in this listing, the extra money cost is certainly money well spent.

  • Seafood Market & Restaurant

    89 Sukhumvit, Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand

    For a completely unique dining experience head to the market where there are over forty different types of sea creatures, both dead and alive, ready to be picked for consumption by your good self.

  • Old Dutch Cafe

    9/3-4 Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand

    Serving a huge breakfast all day long for only 85 baht, this is the best place in Bangkok to cure even the worst hangover. Don’t let the fact that it’s in the middle of the red light district deter you.

  • Apostrophe's

    92 Phra Arthit Road, Bangkok, Thailand

    One of the many cafés and restaurants in this particular area this place serves authentic Thai food for unbelievably cheap prices and the funky décor adds further to its appeal.

  • Bourbon Street

    Washington Square, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

    As the name suggests, this restaurant specialises in typical Creole and Cajun dishes and showing the clientele a good time. Also has some Mexican dishes and karaoke every night. A good place to start your night out but closes at 1.00am so if you’re a night owl you will need to find an alternative venue for the end of your night.

  • Baan Thai

    Sukhumvit, Soi 32, Bangkok, Thailand

    An authentic experience for all who visit this restaurant is set in a Thai-style house complete with a pond which is home to some of the ingredients for the dishes served inside. The floor serves as your seat, the tables are sunk into the floor and there’s a traditional Thai show every night at 9.00pm. Reserve in advance to make sure you get a good piece of floor.

  • Yok-Yor

    On the Cho Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand

    While many of the dinner cruises on the river are quite pricey, the Yok-Yor is a much cheaper alternative and is equally impressive sailing for a couple of hours with an extensive menu and live music nightly.

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