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Visiting Beijing

Capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing has been the scene of a long cultural history. Today you can see evidence of all those who contributed to the development of the city making for some pretty interesting explorations.

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Only in Shanghai...

Hostelworld.com's Selina Tan speaks to different people in the Chinese city of Shanghai about things you can only find there, such as an area with many architectural styles known as 'The Bund' and more.

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On a bike in Beijing

Colm tells you what to expect in Beijing while on a bicycle

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Beijing City Reviews

  • 50%


    Beijing is a very interesting city. It has many places to see. You must visit the hutongs and the Temple of Heaven. The Great wall hike from Jingshaling to Simatái is the best. Incredibly amazing landscapes, very few sellers and tourists.

  • 90%


    Spend 6 days at least

    Beijing has enough to offer for a month. However, a week should be enough. With the Tian'man square and Forbidden City, Beijing is a one of a kind city. Do prepare what you want to see before going.

    Insider Tip:While on your obligatory trip to the Great Wall, spend the night in Chengde. The city used to be a Summer Palace, with tons of gardens and temples to see, including a Lhasa-like Tibetan Temple.

  • 80%



    Visited Beijing in July and found it to be a very beautiful country with lots of attractions to see and many activities to do everyday. Definitely one of the best places for sightseeing, however, transport can be long and tiresome if you don't choose to take flights or high speed train. Food is brilliant particularly if you go in a group as chinese eating is a completely new experience.

    Insider Tip:Book railway tickets between major cities in advance as they do sell out Always write down addresses in chinese characters because the majority of taxi drivers can't read the english equivalent.

  • 50%


    Beijing - Meh

    Beijing was a little disappointing. Many of the historic locations are poorly maintained and filled to maximum capacity. People can be very pushy and the city is not very clean. There are many pleasant people and places but they can be exceedingly difficult to find. The pollution is oppressive and just getting around with the press of people is exhausting. The gardens were very nice but the Forbidden City was a disappointment.

  • 50%


    Beijing in a couple or words...

    This was my first time traveling to Beijing. I found that residents can be a bit inconsiderate on the roads, metro, and bus. If you want to get somewhere you need to push to not get pushed out of the way. It's hard because you're not used to acting in such way, but don't take things personal, that's how it is. There are MANY things to do in Beijing, so plan ahead to visit the most. I visited the Summer Palace, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and other sites in 4 days.

    Insider Tip:Buy Lonely Planet's Beijing book!!! My friend and I managed to get around the city with it, and guess what? It includes a map!!! If you decide to travel via Taxi, always make sure you use a city registered taxi (one that will actually use the meter). There are some that will try and bargain a rate with you and not turn the meter on AND there are private vehicles that will settle for a rate (usually overpriced). If you have the money, otherwise BARGAIN! The metro and bus can get almost anywhere.

China: Itinerary

Asian cities, and particularly Asian capitals, are wonderfully fascinating. The continent’s love affair with technology is evident in every city you go to, yet they all manage to maintain many of the characteristics which make them some of the most historical cities on the planet. Beijing is no different.

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